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Christopher Howard

When going into "Kingsman", I honesty did not know what to expect. I actually went to see it only because of the rumored, existing Fantastic Four extended trailer. However, by the time the movie had ended, I had already been hoping a sequel is in production. I am not saying it is, so please do not misinterpret my words and believe that it is. Anyway, this movie was awesome.

I shall try to not spoil the movie in any way, for those who have not been able to see it yet. Kingsman will be enjoyed by those who enjoy comedies, spy-movies, action movies, or any strange combination of all three. Because that is Kingsman, except it is not strange, its wonderful. However, its not perfect. No movie is perfect. But, except for a seemingly forced joke at the end of the film, Kingsman comes close. It has twists, turns, and a ton of chuckles.

In the film, a young man decides to join the Kingsman, an elite organization who protect the world from all different kinds of terrorism. In light of these events, a billionaire attempts to rid the world of the cause of its destruction...mankind itself. Watch as these agents fight to save the day, with many laughs along the way.

If given a chance, definitely go see this movie.


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