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Christopher Howard

Now is the perfect time for Fox to release The Fantastic Four. The reason Marvel struck gold with the Avengers comes down to one simple fact: It had never been done before and the concept of shared universes was almost too much for the audience to handle, but it clearly worked in their favor. The idea that all of these characters could exist in their own franchises, tell their own stories, while also continuing the larger story that they are also a part of. Fox had practically jump-started the superhero-movie hype that has branched far past what had been expected. When X-Men had been released theatrically, I could have been considered a toddler. I could not have understood why the movie was so great, but I have always loved that movie. That movie led to a Spider-Man movie being made, and so on. And now, 15 years later, after the widespread, successful release of X-Men: DoFP, its time for Fox to jump back on the bandwagon they have created and get with the times.

Just picture it. A movie universe where the X-Men and the Fantastic Four co-exist and interact with each other. Before the Avengers, such an idea would be brushed off and probably not even considered in conversation. It just seems like the kind of thing that could never happen. Except, it can. I'm not saying that a movie with 20+ superheroes and villains would be a good idea, because it wouldn't. The only way something like that could work would be after multiple movies, where all of the characters present have been fully developed and could interact with each other in an entertaining, yet complex film. Plus, it would only make the transition easier if the rights ever revert back to Marvel, but at this rate, that may never happen.

Its been over 10 years since the first Fantastic Four movies release, and 8 years since its sequel. For some, not enough time has passed for Fox to reboot the franchise. But lets take a step back. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, in my opinion, is one of the worst comic-book movies I have ever seen. When i first saw it as 10 year-old, I loved it. But for the record, I loved anything super-hero related that had cool action scenes and recognizable characters. However, as I grew older, so did my taste in film. I mean, you don't have to be an experienced, hardened movie critic to understand why that movie is as bad as it is. They tried to take elements from the comic, but at the same time tried to change elements from the comic to place in the film. Of course, I am referring to Galactus being a giant, brown, space-cloud.

The first two movies are bright, and have somewhat comedic situations, in Fox's attempt to create a franchise off of the success of X-Men. However, Fant4stic clearly takes a much darker tone, by taking what happens to Marvel's first superhero family, and making their powers seem like disabilities. They are afraid of their powers, not running into the street, easily defeating their arch nemesis, and being praised as heroes by surrounding civilians. In our day and age, if a group of people stood in the middle of an intersection, with one being on fire, I'm sure those surrounding would run away in fear.

On the topic of differences between the two franchises, it is almost crucial to mention the difference in source material. The first two movies attempted to base their films off of the original comics that Stan Lee helped create during the golden-age of comics. The new movie however, is mainly based on the Ultimate version of the Four. By using different source material, Fox is providing a much different, darker origin story involving inter-dimensional travel and the dangers of exploring the unknown.

This movie has an amazing cast. All of which, have either been nominated or have won a number of awards during their careers. Miles Teller is hot off of "Whiplash" and Michael B. Jordan had been in Fruitvale Station two years back. Bear in mind the fact that that movie had won 39 awards, ranging from cinematography to actors, lead and supporting.

Many comic fans have their reasons for disliking this movie. That is perfectly fine, no matter how ridiculous their reasons may be. Personally, I am very excited about this movie. I have been for a while, but became much more so after the first teaser trailer for the movie had been released by Fox. My favorite shot of the teaser has to be the final shot, where the Four are seen standing in front of what looks like the climax of the film.

At least wait until the full trailer is released before you judge this movie.

Fox should try and use the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to build their own Cinematic Universe. They might as well start it now, while Marvel continues to dominate the superhero-movie industry. Of course, a great example of how not to proceed with something this big could be seen by taking a look at what Sony failed to do. They tried to create a universe within their copyrights, but jumped the gun and tried to cram villains, plot, and origin stories into one movie. Like I said earlier, save that stuff for standalone movies. If you're going to build a universe around these characters, wait until you have the developed characters necessary.


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