ByChad Ware, writer at

Fifty Shades of Grey? More like Fifty Shades of Stupidity. This erotic film tells the story of a college undergraduate meeting a young corporate executive and eventually begins a relationship that leads to series of sexual encounters, or what I like to call sexual experiments. But these are reasons why I hate this film:

1. The two characters technically just met before dating and then two to three days later they become sexual.

2. In the beginning, the executive seems to be obsessed with the undergraduate but when he starts to fall back she becomes upset.

3. It ends with the two of them breaking up.

So of course this makes the movie stupid because instead of having them socialize and then have her eventually fall in love with him, they make it to where it seems like she just has to be obsessed over. Now, I'm not saying that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan didn't do a good job its the story that makes the film a wreck.


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