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Ever hear of Pig Lady located in New Jersey? The lady who looks like a pig and would harm you in anyway? Either you heard the story, went there for yourself or never even heard of it.

She is located in Hills Borough New jersey. This is one of the legends that I've known for years. There's a couple of different stories, but the one i hear most.

In the early 1900's when Hills Borough was just farms and woods, there was a lady who resembled the look of a pig. She lived on a farm far away from civilization. The boys used to make fun of her. Calling her names, and making pig noises. The guys had a plan to go out one night, slaughter the head of a pig and put it on her front porch. The guys made an attempted but they never returned after that one night of going out and taking a pigs head to her house. Years later the towns population was growing and the boys bones turned up. They blamed her for killing them, but no one knows if she really did or not.

I've heard many peoples experiences of going down that road. The most common one is; You drive down the road when you get to the rope you drop a friend off and then travel back down the road towards civilization. Now as your leaving your friend behind you have to scream pig lady a couple of times and then you drive off. The road is pretty long so it would prob take 10 minutes to get to the end and then another 10 minutes to travel towards your friend. Supposedly when you get back your friend will have scratches on them and would not want to talk about it.

The movie pig lady that came out in 2011, is just so horrible, they don't go into full depth like they do with the taxes chainsaw massacre. I can tell you right off the bat she doesnt have a hatchet or a freaking ax. If you ever visit New Jersey go pay her a visit, I am sure she'll be waiting for you!


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