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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

Mercenaries are stone-cold killers who fear nothing and we hire them to get rid of people we hate or our enemies and some mercenaries ten to prove they're just better than the other one so today we shall see who wins when one of DC's Boy Wonder-turned-bad anti-hero The Red Hood goes against Marvel's Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier.

Lets get started shall we

Red Hood

Jason Todd who became the second Boy Wonder, Robin after Dick Grayson went solo as Nightwing would soon become a vigilante an anti-hero calling himself The Red Hood. (man, poor Batman most of his students went solo after they're older except Damian Wayne) When Jason Todd was captured by The Joker and murdered by The Joker Ra's Al-Ghul then took him to the Lazarus Pit but unfortunately the power was too strong it can heal damaged people but it has never bring back a dead person, at first Jason lost his mind that's when he remembered The Joker killed him he then went on as the new Red Hood. Jason went solo and decided to make The Joker pay and everyone else who's ever wronged him or pushed him around, he would even kill Batman. The Red Hood tortured The Joker just the way The Joker tortured him and then killed him by beating him up with a crowbar and then killing him wit a bomb. Though it seems as Jason did very very well on his own as a vigilante as the new Red Hood he assumes control over various gangs throughout Gotham City and plans to start a one-man war against Black Mask's whole criminal empire. He then starts to actively clean the city from corruption, such as an illegal drug trade and gang violences, but in a violent and anti-heroic way. And after a few years as the Red Hood he then starts his own anti-heroic team with Arsenal and Starfire alongside him, calling themselves The Outlaws.


  • Excellent acrobat and marksman - Despite being trained by the Caped Crusader, Batman , Jason has amazing acrobatic skills and a deadly marksman.
  • Deadly hand-to-hand combatant - Because he was one of Batman's best students and Batman has trained all around the world with different fighting skills and with a little mix of Red Hood violence it makes him a deadly hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Access to high-caliber weaponry - Because Batman is a master hacker it makes Red Hood just the same and plus with his skills and deadliness he can pull off heists single-handedly.
  • Peak Physical Condition - By matching his former mentor in combat he has proven that he is physically superior to most Olympic athletes, just as Batman is.
  • Multi-Lingual - As you know Batman talks different languages and learns different languages therefore he can speak multiple languages and understand them
  • Polymath - After being adopted by Bruce, Jason received excellent education and tutoring from both private tutors and Bruce thus, has deep knowledge in many subjects, including Science, Math, Medicine, Geography, Criminology, World History and English.


  • Human - Even with his fighting skills he is still humans which means he can still die.
  • Rage - Has a hard time controlling his rage, often leaving his weak points open.
  • Lack of thinking - He might be smart but not smart enough Jason sometimes likes to go in just like that without a plan.
  • Ambush - Jason is easily ambushed and captured though he would still have a back up plan

Winter Soldier

After a plane explodes and blowing Bucky away, General Vasily Karpov and the crew of a Russian patrol submarine finds Bucky's cold-preserved with only one arm. Bucky was then taken to this like Russian military base in Moscow (or something like that) to heal, but he then suffers a brain damage causing him to have amnesia as a result of the plane explosion. The scientists planned to attach a bionic arm, upgrading it as technology improves. When they saw the opportunity to use Bucky as a weapon because of his memory loss they then programmed him to become an expert and deadly Soviet assassin for Department X – under the code name the Winter Soldier (Russian: Зимний Солдат, translit. Zimnij Soldát). He was always sent on covert wetworks missions and becomes someone who is increasingly ruthless and very efficient as he kills in the name of the state. While a Soviet agent, he also had a brief relationship with Avengers very own, Black Widow. The Winter Soldier was kept in a cryogenic stasis when he is not on missions, and as a result he has only aged a few years to a young adult since the closing days of World War II. In 1968, the Winter Soldier was sent to kill Professor Zhang Chin, whom he had met over 20 years earlier. He was thwarted by an intangible being called the Man with No Face, though he was able to escape. While he was on assignment in the United States in the 1970s, he had suffered a breakdown and has went missing for days after assassinating his last target. The Winter Soldier was also aided in Wolverine's escape from the Weapon X laboratory and later murdered Itsu, Wolverine's wife, seemingly killing their unborn son Daken, who had survived the attack after being cut from his mother's womb.

Abilities (As Bucky and Winter Soldier)

  • Expert assassin and spy - When Bucky was found by Hydra they decided to train him to become an expert assassin, heck he can even get past Black Widow but can't outsmart her.
  • Master hand to hand combatant and martial artist - When he was with Hydra they also thought him to become a master at hand to hand combat and martial arts
  • Gifted advance scout - During his days in the military alongside Captain Rogers he was a very great soldier therefore becoming a gifted advance scout.
  • Use of military weapons and throwing knives - Despite being in the military for so long and is a gifted soldier he became an expert on weapons but mainly a grenade launcher,uzi and an assault rifle.
  • Via cybernetic left arm:EM
  • Superhuman Strength - When Hydra found Bucky (well what's left of Bucky) they decided to give hima cybernetic left arm because he had lost one arm and that mechanical robotic arm grants him superhuman strength.
  • Enhanced reaction time - His arm's reaction time is greater than that of any Olympic athlete who has and will ever compete.
  • Energy projection - Despite having a cybernetic left arm it also allows him to project his energy on to his arm giving him more strength.
  • EMP discharger - If you try and use an EMP against him it won't work because his arm is also used as an EMP discharger.
  • Holographic projector - Again cybernetic arms allows him to project holograms.
  • Sensory array - The arm houses different sensors which allow him to pass through security such as metal detectors without setting them off. It can also shield other metallic objects from detection such as firearms and knives.


  • EMP - Electromagnetic pulse could possibly render bionic arm useless. Although this could be questionable due to the fact his arm is capable of emitting an EMP.
  • Tire - Will tire eventually.
  • Human - Still human which means he can die
  • No super soldier serum - Unlike Captain America, he has no super-soldier serum.

Winner is...

Winter Soldier

Despite being trained by the best, Hydra I mean sure Batman is a better mentor but face it there will be no chance that the Red Hood will defeat Winter Soldier besides he has a bionic left arm,an expert on military weapons,granted with superhuman strengths and can discharge an EMP surely Red Hood wouldn't know that if its the first time they met and also if Red Hood gets beat up so much it will cause him to 'HULK-OUT' and opening his weak points for Winter Soldier to attack. Winter Soldier has guns,skills,throwing knives and years of training what does Red Hood have? Just guns and fighting skills from all around the world but with that rage in him there's no way he would defeat Winter Soldier.


Who do you think would win?


What should the next Marvel vs DC be?


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