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The sad thing about the news story about Rowan Hanson is that DC was trying to be the hero, but instead ended up becoming the villain. The story goes the 11 year old girl wrote a letter to DC Comics and asked them why are there not more female superheroes, and that 'girl read comics too'. So in a light hearted moment by the comic book giant they took a photo of her off social media, and drew her as a superhero.

But after the media, whose only knowledge of Superheroes comes from movies and television series, (only live action, to the media, animation does not count unless it is Frozen) got a hold of the story they turned it around in a way which turned DC Comics from the hero of this story, into the villain. Much like Batman at the end of the Dark Knight. DC is standing as a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight. (Ha-ha) By not putting the media in their place and giving them the actual status of their comic books.

But in all reality the problem with comic books in the modern era is not the lack of female character, DC has 121 known female heroes to the people who know about the history of the comic books they read. (Also more than enough of these female heroes can and have held their own against their male counterparts.) The problem is the lack of good stories for these female heroes. As it stands DC has 12 comics with a super powered female lead, and 28 comics that has both male and female leads. Most of these co-ed books stores are around teams, like the different Justice Leagues or all the characters are regular people like Scooby-Doo. Out of the 52 titles (New 52, get it?) there are 40 with females either as the lead or as a co-lead, with more on the way. For example Black Canary aka Laurel Lance is getting her own story this year. Up till now she has played a supporting character in Green Arrow's story in the New 52. So that only means 12 comic books are male lead with their female characters who are in the category of 'good guy' that have no powers. The stories that are led by female heroes are just not popular enough for every comic book career to carry them all. The people who want to read these comics with female leads need to request them from their local comic providers if they do not sell them. Most, if not all stores take requests, or the person could subscribe and have the issues shipped to their homes.

But the writing of the New 52, both male and female led stories are not loved all around. There is a division in the DC fan base between toughs who love the New 52, and troughs who hate it. The only thing DC is guilty of is putting their best writers on the stories of their more popular character, aka the big three. (Which from a business standpoint is the most logical choice.) The big three for troughs who do not know are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Women and they are called this because they are the big money makers for the company. Even on the television and films the females are playing a bigger role, with Laurel finally becomes the Black Canary on Arrow, and Supergirl and Teen Titans on their way to the small screen. Teen Titans will have two female superheroes, Star Fire and Raven. In film DC will actually be putting out a female lead film before Marvel, with Wonder Women coming out before Captain Marvel (if the current film schedule stays course). But Marvel is also not leaving the girls out of the party. This year Marvel is doing a all female Avenger type story and both Thor and Spider-Man have been given a feminine makeover. (Within my opinion, fantastic results and I'm waiting for the Canary to have her own story because I love the character.) 'Girl power' is alive and well in both of the comic book giants wheel houses.

In all reality, if this letter was sent in by an adult, or a teenage girl DC Comics would have sent her a form letter of all the female led series that are going on and tell them what to do to obtain the stories. But instead they [DC] decided to be nice, they gave the little girl a once in a lifetime gift, and now the media have turned them into bad guys.

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