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Carter Gonzalez

Okay I have a few episode ideas and titles that will go good with Season three. Season Three Episode One "Dream On". We open with the credits in a Cemetery we see a tombstone and an urn followed by a crow perching on the urn, then the urn falls over, the lid comes off followed by a smoke appearance of an old Black She-Kat wearing a red and black cocktail dress appears looked 78 and then she leaves the grave yard passing as a guard tries to stop her but the She-Kat gives the Guard with a passionate kiss and he keels over looking like a prune, the she-Kat went turned into a 47 year old Sexy She-Kat. Meanwhile Chance and Jake are tinkering with the Glovatrix adding a new micro missile called the "Jellyfish missiles". The missiles are like Octopus Missiles and a stun gun combined except they have a really big sting of 50,000 watts. Chance and Jake practice it on a couple of Omega dummies, but they have a delayed reaction of five seconds, the next day we see Commander Feral grouchy at the cemetery along side his niece Lt. Felina Feral, they see the graveyard Kat going away on a gurney to the hospital. Commander Feral gets the surveillance tape and the tipped over urn for evidence. Feral sees only the guard shriveling up and falls over, and the tape cuts out. Miss Briggs was writing the Mayor's speech and hears a She-Kat screaming. As that was happening the She-Kat sucked the life forms from the muggers and ran away, luckily Callie was filming it, Commander Feral was at the right place and at the right time, Kataluna flagged him down in love with Kataluna, secret, she is a Succubus and she drains his life force away, dream by dream. It's up to T-Bone, Razor and Feral's Niece Lt. Felina Feral to enter the dreamworld and take that demon out.


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