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Hey again everyone. I published an article a few days ago about my experience at the Walker Stalker Con here in Chicago. The folks here at Moviepilot actually gave me free tickets for! I mentioned I would be writing a second article about my time hanging around the panels.

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Back to my time at the con! There were in total around 12 panels going on during the Walker Stalker Con. Not all of them were The Walking Dead related so if you weren't a fan of the show there was possibly another one for you.

A couple of the other shows included Breaking Bad that had Giancarlo Esposito & RJ Mitte. There was another one from some people from Face/Off season 8 as well as Lost which featured Mira Furlan, & Harold Perrineau. So there was a little for everyone. The one I sat for the entire thing was the Lost panel.

I'll be perfectly honest with you all. I've only seen the first four episodes of Lost. I was never a huge fan of it. However, I am a BIG fan of Harold Perrineau. You might recognize him also as Link from Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions or as Damon Pope from season 5 of Sons of Anarchy. This guy is talented.

Before I talk more about Harold I found it a little funny how Mira Furlan didn't really seem happy with the way the Lost writers killed her character off. Like I said, I didn't watch the show but I usually always see actors praising their shows while she seemed pretty upset.

Back to Harold! In person he was so kind in the manner which he answered all of the fan questions. You could tell he loves being an actor, interacting with fans and his time on Lost.

I even got the opportunity to ask him a question myself! I asked him how as an actor on television what are the differences when it comes to approaching a character like on Lost where he had no idea whether he would be around for 2 seasons or close to 10 opposed to a show like Sons of Anarchy where he knew he only had like 10 episodes.

He responded that really it is harder than like a movie because in a movie actor's know their trajectory or their character's arc while on a show you aren't sure some of the time. Harold mentioned how sometimes it just comes down to how it really just makes his personal life easier because on Sons of Anarchy he knew he had X amount of episodes so he could plan other stuff accordingly.

My adorable fiance up front signing
My adorable fiance up front signing

I would also like to point out how the Walker Stalker Con offered full services to anyone with disabilities or special needs such as during the panels they had an American Sign Language (A.S.L.) interpreter to sign for anyone in the audience who could be deaf.

My beautiful fiance Shelby who is an A.S.L. major at Columbia College Chicago actually was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to sign at the panel as well for her on-site experience. Not many events have A.S.L. interpreters on hand like that so it was great to see they had that available!


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