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Imagine if Harry was not the Chosen One battling against the forces of dark and evil? Imagine if he was just a normal student at high school, simply preoccupied with passing his OWLs and finding a date to the Yule Ball? Imagine if our favorite characters from the Harry Potter franchise were simply teens going through puberty and embarking on a whirlwind of romantic escapades at Hogwarts?

Well, a video showing a more cheery and chipper version of wizarding life has been going viral again. Originally uploaded in 2009 by Thewlis Rox, the re-cut trailer fully concentrates on the relationships between the characters, focusing more on teen angst rather than Voldemort, with absolutely brilliant results!

Before you view the video in full, check out this short breakdown:

For Harry, Hogwarts is "the place to be"

Everyone does always say that your school days are some of the best in your life, right?

Surrounded by pretty little wizards and witches, Harry & Ron are having the time of their lives

Just look at them giggling away without a care in the world! After all, there aren't any dark forces to battle in this Harry Potter version.

Alongside being popular for being on the Quidditch team...

If flying around like a bad-ass on a broom won't get the girls running, nothing will.

The boys work their magic on the girls

Even if Harry doesn't stray far by getting it on with his best pal's sister!

After all, this is a world where love potions exist

(You can pick up a large order as Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, by the way!)

Young hearts get swept up in a flurry of emotion

Resulting in a number of passionate romantic encounters.

And while some girls go head-to-head for boys' affections

Over a hospital bed if they really have to!

Others try very hard to use alternate charms to win them over

For one, Romilda Vane attempts a rather unconventional approach.

Hogwarts Class of 2016: This is the best year yet!

For your viewing pleasure, here is the clip in full. Doesn't the trailer music fit in with the theme so well?

Considering the video has been around since 2009, I want to know why nobody has thought of making this into a movie yet!

I think chronicling the romantic adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione is an absolutely fantastic idea!


What do you think of this adaptation?



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