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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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We've seen some pretty imaginative takes on the Fifty Shades of Grey kink - memorably in this highly NSFW Disney Couples Do Fifty Shades Fan Art - but now, in moving picture form, comes Fifty Shades of Frozen.

YouTube editor Tranceart Violeta spliced together this raunchy reimagining of Frozen as an erotic Fifty Shades of Grey story set in Arendelle.

You know the drill - check out the VIDEO or skip for the breakdown.

We begin this broadcast with a lie!

You're about to mix Frozen with Fifty Shades, you kinky fibber!

Anna-Stasia Steeles herself up (see what I did there?)

Anna approaches Mr. Grey's office: "I just have a few questions."

"Mr. Grey will see you now"

Rapunzel would probably not be the best secretary - she'd keep escaping out the window of the high rise building.

The enigmatic Christi-Hans Grey

A nice shot of Hans/Christian gazing moodily out the window.

"Sooooo - what was he like?"

If I was Anna I'd be, like, "I don't know but I've been told, Elsa's-"

And she'd be, like, "SHUT UP, I HATE YOU."

The stiff, burgeoning romance blooms

He's so formal!

"I exercise control in all things, Ms. Steele"

"That must be boring..."

"I don't do romance"

What, not even a little bit?

"My tastes are very... singular."

Remember: Frozen taught us to never trust a man wearing gloves.

Enter the Red Room...

Anna is understandably Frozen with terror...

Mr. Christian Grey gets a little Han(d)sy

Seriously, though, Hans - don't go all Sadist on Anna cuz she's got one hella powerful sister to contend with (also, that's mean, get some therapy).

What's your favorite alternate Fifty Shades of Grey fan creation?

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