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Now, with all the excitement surrounding Marvel and Sony's recent announcement that Spider-Man will, in fact, be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it'd be relatively easy to dismiss his past movie adventures as being entirely part of the past. After all, it looks as though Marvel and Sony are set to reboot the wall-crawler once again for his upcoming on-screen adventures, making Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's versions of Peter Parker more-or-less obsolete.

To ignore the movies in which they starred as Spidey, though, would mean we'd be missing out on five whole cinematic adventures featuring Spider-Man - and, it seems, one hell of a dangling plot thread.


It Seems as Though Spider-Man Has a Secret Superpower We've Never Seen

So, the story goes a little something like this: An intrepid Redditor, SupaBloo, was re-watching the original, 2002, Tobey Maguire-starring Spider-Man movie, and noticed something. Something...a little unusual.

Y'see, during the movie's lab scene - the one in which Peter Parker, while on a field trip, gets bitten by a spider and becomes everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man - we're very carefully shown exactly what powers Spider-Man will have.

As a scientist walks the kids around the room, she shows the audience a spider that can jump huge distances...

...a spider that can shoot incredibly strong webs...

...and a spider that has a sort of "spider-sense."

All of which Peter Parker, after being bitten by a very particular spider a few moments later, develops as powers, leading to his becoming Spider-Man.

The thing is, though, as SupaBloo points out...

We See a Whole Other Spider Power, Too

As Peter and Harry walk away from being bullied, they take a look at a spider that can camouflage itself by blending into its environment.

Now, seeing as the super-spider which bit Peter had the abilities of all the other arachnids in the room, it seems fairly reasonable to assume that the scientists who created it would have also given it the camouflage abilities of that final spider.

And that presumably means that...

Spider-Man Has Camouflage Powers He Doesn't Know About

Which - seeing as Sam Raimi is a pretty darned diligent director when it comes to details like that - suggests we may originally have been set to see a whole new Spider-power in the movies, only for it to be cut out before making it to the screen.

Either that, or...

Alternatively, The Camouflage Spider is a Metaphor

After all, it's the only spider not described by the scientist - instead, Peter describes it to Harry, revealing that:

"Some spiders change colors to blend into their environment. It's a defense mechanism."

To which Harry replies:

"Peter, what makes you think I would want to know that?"

At which Peter, confused, responds:

"Who wouldn't?"

Which, seeing as Peter has spent his whole life blending into the background to avoid being bullied, might just suggest that the camouflage spider is there to offer up an analogy for Peter's 'wallflower' existence, before his becoming a 'wallcrawler' changes things.

Harry, on the other hand, who has found life comparatively easy up to this point, doesn't understand - though since not too long after the events of the movie, he becomes the 'Green' Goblin, he soon learns just how important changing colors can be... Could it even be a subtle Easter egg - a hint of things to come?

Well, it strikes me that the metaphor option may actually be a little more plausible - but even so: the secret super-power theory is definitely cooler.

What do you think? Do you think we would have seen Spider-Man develop camouflage powers had Sam Raimi made another Spider-movie? Alternatively, is it all just a metaphor? And are there any other Spider-secrets we need to know about?

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