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If you are like me, if it was possible, you probably could watch the entirety of this [The Walking Dead](series:201193) season in like two sittings, maybe three max. It's one of those shows that is hard to wait a full week for. When I sit down and turn on AMC on Sundays, I'm anxious and get butterflies in my stomach for some reason. Is that normal?

Anyway, if you absolutely cannot wait to see what happens in the next episode "Remember" that airs this Sunday, you're in luck. We've got two sneak peek clips that will only up the ante on your anticipation for what looks like a pretty sick episode.

Obviously, *SPOILERS* below. They've made it to Alexandria and things seem to be all good and well... yeah, I'm sure that will last... not.

So without further ado, clip 1:

Watching Carl grow up has been truly magnificent

It almost feels like watching my little brother when I watch Carl. I hope for his safety, but I'm confident in him... it seems like he's capable of handling anything that's thrown at him.

Looks like we'll have some more of the classic suspense we have come to expect from this show

Obviously, they can only show Carl getting to the door - I NEED to see what happens next, though!

And clip 2:

"Before we go any further... I need you all to hand over your weapons"

Rick is like "nah" and everybody else is like, "yeah, nah". And then of course we are going to see EXACTLY why they need to keep their weapons.

Tensions are high, Sasha puts a walker out of its misery casually, and fully gives weight to the notion that, yeah, they need their weapons

I like Rick stepping into more of a leadership role and I love his beard almost just as much. I have a feeling this episode won't be as action-packed, necessarily, as episodes have been, but I like when the show advances the plot sometimes without just having walker-kills to keep us happy. This is going to be interesting, for sure...

Pumped for "Remember"? It airs Sunday at 9/8c

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