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Karly Rayner

We all remember the dark days when The Vampire Diaries got a little bit too doppelgänger happy, but it turns out that the show's stars also have some dastardly doubles in real life too.

Although all of the actors have their own unique look, sometimes you might think there is something about them that seems a tad familiar and these are some of the people that totally remind me of the Mystic Falls crew:

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice

If these two hadn't been photographed in the same room together, I would be very suspicious...

Ian Somerhalder and A Young Rob Lowe

I know everyone's always talking about how Ian Somerhalder looks a lot like Gossip Girl's Chase Crawford, but I think he's the split of a young Rob Lowe.

Paul Wesley and Justin Bieber

I know some people might think this is heresy, but Justin Bieber could so be a young Paul Wesley!

Kat Graham and Hayden Panettiere

They might be different ethnicities, but Kat Graham definitely has a touch of Hayden Panettiere about her gorgeous, cat-like face.

Candice Accola and Kristen Bell

Does anyone else think Candice Accola looks a little like Frozen's Kristen Bell?


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