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Production on Mission Impossible 5, which stars franchise stalwart Tom Cruise, was reportedly halted for two weeks following complaints from disgruntled executives.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, all work was put on hold when the film's ending was deemed to be "unsatisfactory".

Director Christopher McQuarrie was apparently given the extra time to work out an entirely new, and presumably improved, finale. He is said to have worked on it with a writer friend whose identity remains a mystery and who will neither be paid nor credited.

Is Mission Impossible 5 being rushed?

Late last year Paramount brought the movie's release forward from Christmas 2015 to July 31, 2015. Now we've learnt the film is struggling through production stages; does this mean MI5 is being rushed?

I sure hope not, but the news is a definite definite cause for concern.

Whatever's happening, what's sure is that it's both unusual and incredibly costly for a big-budget film like Mission Impossible to halt completely, especially when the release is just five months away.

One high ranking executive at Paramount attempted to put a positive spin on the situation, telling The Hollywood Reporter that,

"Chris, Tom [Cruise] and a third person wanted to take a minute to get from what they thought was a good place to a more perfect place,"

Before joking when asked if the film was behind schedule,

"Are you kidding? We made World War Z."

Mission: Impossible 5 is set for release July 3, 2015.

Are you looking forward to Mission Impossible 5?


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