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The original Texas Chain Saw Massacre from 1973 was scary enough to spawn a slew of sequels and remakes as well as a whole new influence on the horror genre. Well, its impact doesn't just stop at the theaters. The movie that brought us Leatherface and his wonderful spinning chainsaw has given us something different to chew on: a restaurant.

That's right, the residence that was home to one of the most disturbed cinematic families in history is a functioning restaurant called Junction House in Kingsland, Texas. Despite its wholesome interior and unassuming decor, the house still features the unmistakable original layout featured in the movie.

The intrepid Pop Pilgrims over at A.V. Club got a tour of the place a while back, and what's most shocking about it is just how unremarkable it is. There's an undeniable similarity that's still a bit haunting, but other than that, this place is shockingly...ordinary. Check out some of the classic rooms and recognizable architecture below.

The exterior

The owners have certainly cleaned the place up nicely, but it still looks strikingly like the house of horrors. That must be why the owner frequently gets calls and emails from the furiously misinformed who demand to know how he can run a restaurant in a place where people were murdered. His response is typically a version of the same: "It's only a movie!"

The chicken room

Ironically, the room that was littered with chicken bones is now a dining room where people feast on delicious chicken. Though the upstairs is now a tribute area to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, I'm surprised the owners didn't come up with distasteful puns to call their items on the menu. Who doesn't want a hearty helping of Beeten Bloody Soup?

The sliding door

For Leatherface's first appearance, filmmakers put in a fake sliding door that looks like it's right out of slaughter house. The door is gone, but it's pretty unreal when you put these images side-by-side. A major moment in horror happened right here, and now it's a hallway where people wait before they get their pork chops.

Sadly, there are some reports saying that the Junction House has closed since this original video was made. Too many weary guests, or another victim of the supposedly "fictional" Leatherface?


Would you dine at the former home of Leatherface?


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