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I was an enormous fan of Let Her Go, although its cliffhangers are killing me right now, but did anyone else notice a few little things that didn't really totally add up?

Seeing as we aren't getting another Vampire Diaries episode for a couple of weeks, I've gone through Julie Plec's directorial debut with a fine toothed comb and here are a few tiny 'errors' that I've found:

Time Travelling Tokens

If Damon and Stefan's mum died when Stefan was a child (as shown in the flashback), how did she get this picture of them as dashing young men in the prison world?

Stefan was just a child when his Mom died?
Stefan was just a child when his Mom died?

Is this a mistake, or is it possible that Mama Salvatore was still in the same world and was watching over them for years after the funeral?

More Timeline Troubles

I'm pretty sure this is not an error, but more a deliberate plot device, but knowing what we know about the Vampire Diaries timeline, the dates in this episode don't make a lot of sense.

If Stefan and Damon became vampires in 1864, and she died when Stefan was just a little boy (sometime in the 1850s), then why is her prison world in 1903.

Had Mama Salvatore been in her witchy prison for decades and the date was just used to illustrate how long she had been isolated or, was she hidden in the 'real' world and only condemned in 1903? Or, did she run away from her fate and was finally captured around 1903?

Absent Friends

Did anyone find it absolutely bizarre that nobody even mentioned Jeremy's absence at the funeral in this episode.

I know that Steve R. McQueen has left the show, but you would think they would have thrown in one sentence to explain why he didn't attend the funeral of a life long family friend!

It's also odd that Bonnie didn't ask after him, but after all she's been through, I think she was too overwhelmed to see people to really think straight.

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