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If the idea of soiling yourself with terror in the dead of night with only a a couple of millimeters of canvas to separate you from The Blair Witch Project woods appeals to you, you're in luck!

Some helpful forum members at have published a comprehensive set of directions to the most terrifying spots in the ground breaking found footage horror movie, and if you happen to be in Maryland, you can totally go and check them out.

Despite the fact that The Blair Witch Project was set in Burkittsville, Maryland, all of the real action was filmed in Seneca Creek State Park (about 37 miles away).

According to forum member EllysOwl the best way to get to the iconic spots are as follows:

From I-270 in Maryland take Rt118 south towards Germantown. After about three miles this becomes a two lane road. Turn right on Black Rock Road -
yes, it really exists. As you remember this from the movie it's a small twisting road-so drive carefully and keep an eye out for deer. Watch on your
right side for the shack they passed, it's painted red.

The Shack

As you can see from the map above, the shack is situated opposite the river where the Blair Witch crew saw the fishermen. It's easy to spot from the road and it was still standing in 2014.

From here, you have two choices on how to locate coffin rock, the site of the fictional ritual sacrifice referred to in the movie.

Coffin Rock

To get to coffin rock, you should continue driving down the road and park at the old mill. Walk across the road and look over the barrier. You will see a trail leading away.

This is the actual path used in the film and if you follow it you will be taken directly to the rock.

Rustin Parr's House (The Griggs House)

Unfortunately, the Rustin Parr house (real name Griggs House) was demolished as it was structurally unsound and a safety hazard.

The foundations still remain though, and really dedicated fans might want to go and check out the site of the movie's eerie climax.

The house is 38 miles northeast from the national park, and EllysOwl explains that to get there you need to:

  • Go back up Black Rock Rd to Rt118 and turn left
  • Pass over I-270
  • Turn left on Rt355
  • Turn right on to Rt27 and follow the road for the next 16 miles
  • Take I-70 east towards Baltimore
  • Exit at Rt32 North (exit 80)
  • Turn right on to Rt99
  • Turn left at Woodstock Road. There is a small ice cream place on the corner to your left
  • Pass over the Patapsco River
  • Turn left on Hernwood Road

You should park your car on Hernwood road and try to find a track leading behind the nearby armory. If you follow this path you will reach the patch of forest where the house used to be located to comb the floor for its remains.

If you're interested in going on a tour, join this awesome Facebook fan group HERE.



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