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Candice Accola's character has been through a heart-breaking time in the recent episodes of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853): Not only has Caroline Forbes had to deal with the traumatic loss of her mother, but she seems to be uncontrollably falling for one of her best friends after many seasons of friendship and escalating sexual tension.

Naturally, fans of the vamp series are more often than not puzzled about what's going on in the characters' complex minds. Due to this, it is really wonderful when the actors speak out in interviews, giving us an in-depth glimpse into what to expect in the future.

Speaking to, Candice discusses the most recent episodes, Caroline's mental state and the mood behind-the-scenes. Sink your fangs into what she has to say to the following questions:

Is Caroline going to be turning off her humanity?

"Caroline definitely has a very strong support system and she’s very focused in this next episode. This is the Caroline we’ve known and loved all these seasons who had a plan. She’s going to stick to it. She’s going to make a list and she’s going to check it twice (laughs), and get everything done. So that’s really where the focus is, and her friends are really bound together around her."

We wouldn't expect anything else from Caroline, who is incredibly strong-willed. And don't they always say that the key to getting through a crisis is to keep yourself busy?

Her mother wished for her to live her life extraordinarily. Will she develop a different outlook on life?

"We’re going to see the same Caroline, but she is different. Whatever she’s grief she’s been through, even with the passing of her father seasons ago, this is unlike that completely. She is very different. We’re going to see her really accepting that grief and figuring out what to do with it. We’re going to see her really grow over these next couple of episodes."

That sounds like very good news to me! Hopefully she will learn from her grief and become stronger in the process.

What was filming the final hospital scene like on the day?

Unsurprisingly, the mood on the day was very emotional for Candice and the other cast members. She said:

"It was very quiet on set. And she’s a Sheriff, so the funeral also has the police force giving their final call. It was moving and emotional to be there. We were in a church together, so it was a lot more emotional than I thought it was going to be."

Relive the heart-wrenching moment in the short clip below:

What was it like knowing the kiss between Steroline was going to happen?

"I love TV and I always love when two characters have a really slow build into a relationship. And you just hope that it’s a great payoff. We got really lucky. The first day we were supposed to shoot the kissing scene, we got clouds and wind and it was so ugly outside. We actually postponed. The next day, they got it. It was this beautiful sunset and it was so pretty. It was a really great payoff for these characters with an incredible sunset backdrop."

It was a very romantic moment indeed, don't you guys agree?

Is their relationship different to the ones between the other characters in the series?

"I think what makes the Stefan and Caroline relationship different, even though these characters are eternally young because of the fact that they are vampires, they still gain life experience. I think Caroline’s relationship with Matt was very much a high school romance. And then she graduated into college with her romance with Tyler. And now she’s out of college, I think emotionally, and she’s a little bit more sure what she wants. And that’s maybe the silver lining that could give these two characters’ relationship a chance."

Final question: What advice would you give Caroline?

"I wouldn’t have any advice. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any perfect piece of advice for a person who loses a parent. I don’t think anyone handles grief the same way. I would have no idea what to say. I would probably hug her. I think that’s what people really need when they are grieving. I think sometimes there are no words. Just hugs."

I totally agree. There is nothing that one can say to another person who has been through such a difficult time. The only option is just to be near-by and there for them.

Well, I don't know about you guys, but Candice's interview really opened up a window into Caroline's heart for me. Not only did we learn how she really feels about Stefan, but also how she intends to deal with her grief. In particular, I am very pleased to hear that Caroline will continue to be a fighter, battling through this difficult time to hopefully come out in one piece at the end.


What did you think of what Candine Accola had to say?



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