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Party of Five is another one of those classic TV shows that, when you really stop to think about it, is pretty damn deep and can teach a lot of life lessons. It's a show about five siblings of varying ages left to fend for themselves in life after their parents are killed by a drunk driver.

The show deals with the struggles of life, and how hard it can be to raise one another, especially without life experience and with each character having their own individual problems, as they are all at different stages in life.

It really was one of those shows where young people could watch and learn how to adapt to the harsh realities of life. And without this on his resume, who knows if Matthew Fox would've been able to get cast as Jack Shephard on Lost? Arguably one of my favorite TV characters of all time - but that is beside the point.

It came out in 1994... that means it's been over 20 years since the pilot episode. What is the cast (Matthew Fox included) looking like now?

Charlie Salinger, played by Matthew Fox

Check out that flow! Hair styles may change, but swagger doesn't. Charlie Salinger, the oldest of the siblings, struggles constantly to live a life of his own as a guardian and father-figure to the rest of his brothers and sisters. He's immature and insecure... probably very similar to how I would feel if thrown into that situation too. He drops out of college his senior year to "find himself".

Bailey Salinger, played by Scott Wolf

Bailey is the second-born and is also forced to have a reality check at a very young age. He too gets thrust into a role as the older reliable brother, often times having to step in to that father role when Charlie isn't able.

Julia Salinger, played by Neve Campbell

Julia was the highly intelligent and emotionally sensitive counterpart to her brothers... she also had to adapt to having more duties within the family structure, and was the closest thing any of them had to a mother.

Claudia Salinger, played by Lacey Chabert

Claudia was so young that she almost didn't seem to be as affected as the older children by the tragedy and becoming an orphan. She obviously still struggled with it, but channeled a lot of her energy into becoming a super accomplished violinist - something she is proud of.

Owen Salinger, played by three different actors, was the youngest and obviously least aware that he was an orphan or what that even meant. He was recast three times as he grew.

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