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For a lot of of the celebrities attending the Oscars in 2015, this is the latest in a long line of red carpet appearances, but have they really changed that much?

Despite the fact that it has been decades between some of these celebrity snaps, a lot of the images could have been taken weeks apart...if you can look past the '90s fashion faux passes!

But, who do you think is looking the most radiant in 2015, and more importantly, which year did they wear it better?

Jennifer Aniston - 2000-2015

Jennifer Anniston looks like a lovely lady, but I have my suspicions she might be bathing in a virgin's blood...


Which year did Jennifer Anniston wear it better?

Meryl Streep - 1983-2015

Meryl Streep was already onto her her second Oscar while she was pregnant with her daughter Mamie in 1983.


Which year did Meryl Streep wear it better?

Oprah - 1983-2015

Oprah's dazzling smile shows she is still enjoying the Oscars after attending for over 20 years!


Which year did Oprah wear it better?

Julianne Moore - 1998-2015

Julianne is pictured at her first ever Oscars in 1998, but thankfully she has evolved in the style stakes since then.


Which year did Julianne Moore wear it better?

John Travolta - 1983-2015

John Travolta is clearly getting edgier in his old age with this daring chain replacing a bow tie this year.


Which year did John Travolta wear it better?

Jennifer Lopez - 1998-2015

From the plum lipstick to the flat ironed hair, Jennifer Lopez was every inch a '90s icon in 1998, but thankfully, her unique style has continued to develop!


Which year did Jennifer Lopez wear it better

Gwyneth Paltrow - 1994-2015

Before there was Goop, there was 'Gaaaaaaah!' Is it just me who wants to stroke Gwyneth Paltrow's impossibly sweet face in the 1994 image?


Which year did Gwyneth Paltrow wear it better?

Michael Keaton - 1983-2015

Michael Keaton could be a totally different person, but he still looks great.


Which year did Michael Keaton wear it better?

Jennifer Hudson - 2007-2015

Jennifer Hudson has totally transformed her shape since her Oscar win in 2007.


Which year did Jennifer Hudson wear it beter?

Reese Witherspoon - 2002-2015

Reece Witherspoon's vintage inspired 2002 gown was sophisticated, but it has nothing on this beautiful Tom Ford number in my eyes.


Which year did Reece Witherspoon wear it better?

Patricia Arquette - 1996-2015

After attending the Oscars since 1996, Patricia Arquette finally bagged herself a win.


Which year did Patricia Arquette wear it better?


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