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When the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote, "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence," I'm pretty sure that what he really meant was a life of sprawling mansions, swimming pools, fast cars, private jets, and an endless supply of vintage champagne.

These celebrities had all of that: successful careers, fame and notoriety, mountain of cash, and enough Dom Pérignon to drown a small whale. They had the indulgent kind of lifestyle to which so many aspire.

But then it all came crumbling down for them. Whether it was crime, addiction, extravagant purchases, or failed investments, the result was the same: they went broke and filed for bankruptcy.

Scroll down to see 10 celebrities who went broke - the list is actually quite surprising!

1. Natasha Lyonne

After running into trouble with the police for harassment and drunk driving, a crippling drug addiction, and various health issues, including Hepatitis C and a collapsed lung, the American Pie actress ended up living on the streets.

Over 10 years later she began to rebuild her career. She now stars as 'Nicky Nichols' on the hit TV show Orange is the New Black.

2. Larry King

This TV legend lost everything but his tenacity and talent saved him just in time!

The radio host and editor filed for bankruptcy in 1978 but was shortly afterwards offered his iconic show. No doubt he paid the $360k he owed in no time at all.

3. Lindsey Lohan

The former child star and teenage icon had a very tough year back in 2012. The IRS reportedly froze all of Lohan's accounts due to a 6-figure-sum owed in back taxes. That was even after her Scary Movie 5 co-star and known lunatic, Charlie Sheen, loaned her $100k.

4. Nicolas Cage

This megastar actor owed to the government a staggering $14 million in unpaid taxes. To us mere mortals this figure would be too eye-wateringly large to even contemplate. But, apparently, Nic, is confident of paying it all back. How? By selling off his countless mansions, castles, jets, yachts and cars, of course.

5. Donald Trump

Trump's failing corporate entities declared bankruptcy on four separate occasions in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009.

6. Brendan Fraser

Despite the fact this stalwart actor seems to be in every single movie ever made, he still can't keep his bank account out of the red.

He eventually filed for bankruptcy despite reportedly earning $200k a month. Apparently spiraling manager fees and child support payments of over $75k per month were the main culprits.

7. Wesley Snipes

This is a weird one. The action star clearly made a fortune from the raft of blockbuster smashes in which he starred, but nobody really knows how he managed to spend it all.

He had to file for bankruptcy in 2006 when he was indicted for tax evasion. He had racked up a steady IRS bill of over $12 million and ended up spending three years in prison for it.

8. Lena Heady

The Game of Thrones star claims to have had just $5 in her bank account at one point and was forced to sell her Hollywood home for a heartbreakingly low price.

The actress was caught in a nasty divorce and custody battle at the time.

9. Gary Busey

Yep, this movie legend, famous for starring in Lethal Weapon and Point Break, has had his fair share of money problems.

The lingering effects of suffering an extreme head injury whilst riding his motorcycle, including a cancerous tumor, racked up huge medicals bills. He was left with a debt of over $1 million dollars.

10. Pamela Anderson

The former Baywatch star was forced to declare bankruptcy back in 2012 following a $1.1 million renovation of her home and a small fortune owed in back taxes.

What would you buy if you had the money of Hollywood's elite?


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