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Celebrities, they're humans just like us, but they own houses the size of our childhood neighborhoods. Okay, maybe not that big, but their homes are pretty big, lavish, ridiculous and downright badass, at times.

From penthouses that overlook the New York City skyline to villas that kiss the beaches of Malibu, is there anything celebs can't have? Freedom... perhaps.

But that aside, lets have a look at ten awesome and/or ridiculous celebrity households...

In No Particular Order

1. Oprah Winfrey

Worth - $90 million

Photo via Splash News

Oprah Winfrey's 23,000 square feet, 45-acre Californian "Promised Land" includes six bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, ten fireplaces (?!), a lake for her exotic fish, two theaters (indoors and out), a wine cellar, a gourmet kitchen... seriously the place is stacked with elaborate things!

2. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Worth - $60 million

Photo via Splash News

Château Miraval, the power couple's second home, is a French 1000 acre estate/vineyard located in the centre of Provence. The home includes over thirty rooms and is surrounded by 926 acres of woodland, olive groves and fountains. To top off the epicness of this place, legendary English band Pink Floyd laid down some tracks for their seminal album The Wall there! Ridiculous.

3. Rihanna

Worth - $22 million

Photo via X17 Online & Celeb Digs

Over in Barbados, Rhianna dwells on One Sandy Lane, a complex which boasts eight 10,000 sq ft apartments and is a short walk away from the beach. Each apartment has its own private terrace and dressing room, and did I mention that it's in Barbados?

4. Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith

Worth - $20 million

Photo via Pacific Coast News

Calabasas houses the family Smith in their utterly ridiculous ultra-mansion, which has its own full sized tennis and basketball courts perfect for shooting some b-ball outside of sch-I'll stop. The mansion has thirteen bedrooms, six bathrooms and is so big... it has its own zip-code. Now can you dig that?

5. Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen

Worth - $20 million

Photo via FameFlyNet

The New England Patriots quarterback and super famous supermodel custom made this incredible mansion on a plot in Brentwood, L.A. worth $11 million. Eight bedrooms are contained within two separate wings linked with a covered bridge. Yes, they have a bridge in their house. Oh, and it's surrounded by a moat. Casual, you know.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

Worth - $8.2 million

Photo via Realtor

Ever modest and lovely, Jennifer Lawrence recently reestablished her position as Hollywood's darling with her new 5 bedroom and 5.5 bathroom pad.

7. Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux

Worth - $22 million

Photo via Celebrity House Gossip

Jennifer Aniston has quite the talent when it comes to real estate and her new Bel Air abode is no different. It's 8,500 sq ft and sits on a three acre plot that also includes vineyards. Lucky for some, huh?

8. Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Worth - $20 million

Photo via Trulia

Over in the Hidden Hills of California, Kimye have finally moved out of Kris Jenner's house and into their incredible mansion. At 16,000 sq ft, the property includes eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, two pools (one with a frickin' slide), and a vineyard, amongst other ridiculous features. Aside from West's foray into the world of fashion, I wonder if there'll be a West rosé hitting the shelves soon?

9. Bill Gates

Worth - (around) $123 million

Photo via Jeff Wilcox/Flickr

The incredible estimated worth of Gates' home would come as pittance to the former richest man in the world, but with the fantastic array of goods at his disposal, his castle of a mansion comes across as a veritable swiss army knife of gadgets! Guests are given a pin that automatically detects their presence and alters heating, lighting and music to their preference. with 24 bedrooms, ten bathrooms, Caribbean sand imported for his very own beach and a sound system in the 60 ft pool, Gate's 66,000 sq ft dream pad is exactly that.

10. John Travolta & Kelly Preston

Worth - $4.9 million

Photo via Splash News

You'd think that a brilliant and flamboyant performer such as Travolta would have a fairly modest abode to relax in. Nope, not this guy, whose Florida mansion comes complete with a 7,500 ft runway so the jetsetter can shoot off around the world in his Quantas Boeing 707 or his other aircraft. Now that's living!


Which celeb cave is the most ridiculous?


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