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If you are whatsoever a fan of the grand theft auto series then you might want to read this. Well Rock-star had finally made an announcement about the new upcoming and pretty big game mode for grand theft auto: online. The announcement was for Heists. Everyone i knew who played grand theft auto on the Xbox 360 was excited and is waiting for the new features and guns and well.... just about everything in that update. But there is 1 question to ask... will it BE GOOD? Probably. Personally i'm a little hyped up myself. Lets just say everyone was waiting for Heists since the game was released. Apparently Rock-star had said it would have to be a while, so most players waited while some people were going to buy call of duty games with what they got from trade-in with grand theft auto 5. Then when Rock-star talked about the game being on the next-gen consoles. Everyone's jaws dropped so they ran over to game-stop to pre-order the game and especially get a next-gen console. Rock-star had also said when grand theft auto: online was 1st coming out that there would eventually be Heists. But they didn't confirm when they would be out. So, back to current time, now we finally have a release date! People are all getting money and cars now for the escape missions and gathering up crews and friends to do the Heists with them. The reason why it took so long for Heists to come out was because they wanted it to be their best for the players (Though that might be not true) OR they could want it for the attention or money. But they have been putting lots of time into this. You can tell because one of the Heists was in the Grand Theft Auto: Online reveal trailer. That means they've been doing production on it since Day 1. All i have to say is that means they put lots of effort into it. In my next article i will be talking about comparisons between Rock Band and Guitar Hero and which one is better. Post your answer below!


Are you excited for Heists?


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