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Shayne Trimm

I know MP is for articles but I would like to touch on two small problems I've had with it lately. The first is that I don't much like it's new layout. Trending and fresh are good ideas but I mostly use this on my phone and for some reason when I go into fresh and scroll down a bit I don't get the option to load more. I feel this would be a nice feature due to the fact that the trending topics rarely change.
(This might just be a glitch with me but still.)

Another is a problem we had for about a week and haven't seen it accept for last night after Gotham. I love this site. Like I check it daily multiple times. And I would hate to see anything happen to this site such as it being taken down for copyright or even someone getting staff in trouble because they post links to free movie sites. I don't know how it works but Youtube has had problems in the past with copyright and has gotten in trouble. And posting links to see a movie that is still in theaters or an episode of a show that JUST aired is worry some. I just ask that if you respect the site and its users you don't post that stuff just in case.

That's all. Next article will be movie based or comic based.

Didn't have time to find a pic so enjoy this Koala.


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