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1 - It's Good To Be Bad, by Parthiv Shah

Have you ever wondered what kind of DC anti-hero you'd be? Come on, let's be honest, I know you have! Everyone loves a good quiz and everyone, well almost everyone, loves an awesome comic book character. Luckily, this quiz by Parthiv Shah happens to combine both of those things. I kid you not. Are you a die-hard DC fan? Are tired of being the hero, tired of helping people out and saving the world, then this is the quiz for YOU!

Take the Which DC Anti-Hero Are You? quiz and find out what it's like to be a villain for once!

2 - The Anime Starter Pack, by Digital2Film

I'll be the first to admit that I've never, ever watched an anime film before. I know, I know - what? How? Why? Have I been living under a rock? I'm a complete newbie when it comes to the genre, and so suggestions are much appreciated! Luckily Digital2Film has come to my rescue, to OUR rescue, and created a wonderful top 5 of anime films everyone should be watching right now. The list doesn't necessarily focus on the most "popular" anime films so even the more experienced fans could learn a thing or two.

Be sure to check out 5 Anime Films Worth Checking Out: Part #1 and sit back, pick a movie, relax and enjoy!

3 - Fun With Deadpool, by BJ Ragone

With every single image we are given from the set of the new Deadpool movie, it feels as if we are being drip-fed snippets of pure unfettered awesomeness! BJ Ragone brought this awesome tongue picture to our attention. Looks like Ryan Reynolds doesn't seem to give two hoots about Marvel killing off this most beloved character!

Check out the whole thing - Ryan Reynolds Pokes Fun at Deadpool's Comic Death

4 - Designing A (Better) Avengers Poster, By Xavier Cabrera Vargas

Coming in just shy of Moviepilot's Comic Book Week comes another close look at a great artist's work. Not only that, but the artist (and Moviepilot Creator) himself, Xavier Cabrera Vargas, gives us an in-depth look at the way he has configured an awesome Avengers: Age of Ultron image.

Check out the whole thing here - The Avengers Process

5 - The Mashup You Never Knew You Needed, By Shawn Kohne

First time poster, Shawn Kohne, has mashed up two classics from the 80s that you didn't know would work so damn well! There's a fantastic holiday house on the lake, but someone is going to die this weekend! Actually, scratch that - lots of people will die!

6 - Pokemon Fan Theory, By Kyle Mack

Ever wonder why Red in Pokemon Red and Blue was so proficient as a Pokemon trainer? Especially compared to most of the other characters he comes across, like the fisherman with 6 Magikarp… it Magikarps? Anyway, here is a theory by Kyle Mack that explains it all.

7 - Everything is Awesome! By Afshad Sidwa

The Lego Movie has been everywhere this year, and superfan Creator Afshad Sidhwa has put together a personality quiz that is super fun, super accurate and super AWESOME!

Find out who you are - The Lego Movie Character Quiz is Here!

8 - Is The Force Strong With You? By Teraysa Majewski

Teraysa Majewski has mad a great first week as part of the Moviepilot community with two fantastic posts! The first is a detailed and well crafted Star Wars quiz so we can discover our galactic dopplegangers! Also, whilst you're viewing Teraysa's fantastic work, make sure you also check out 'How Olaf Could have Saved Anna in Frozen!'

Find out who you are - Which Star Wars Character Are You?

9 - This Fantastic Joker Impression, By Gregory Loomis

With all the hype surrounding the new leaked images of Jared Leto's Killing Joke-esque instagram picture, brand new creator Gregory Loomis shares with us his absolutely uncanny imitation of Heath Ledger's now legendary performance. This has to be seen to be believed! If they ever need a replacement for Heath, it's this guy!

10 - Something For The Weekend, by Rerez

Every wanderer of the wasteland needs something to wet their whistle after a long day of battling mutant behemoths, and there is nothing better than a cold bottle of Nuka Cola. Now you can also enjoy this post-apocalyptic delicacy with this easy to follow recipe by Rerez. Remember to save those bottle-caps!

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