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Here we have never before seen footage of cancelled title Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun. This vampire slasher actually looks pretty darn good! Shame it never made it to our living room!

32 minutes of leaked footage from Kain: Dead Sun has emerged online today. The title was intended for multi platform release back in 2013. The project was cancelled however in 2012 even though the majority of the title had been completed.

It was the second version of the title known to have been axed from Eidos Interactive and Square Enix in an attempt to create a sixth game in the series. The first was Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy.

Legacy of Kain was described as an "in-continuity reboot." This new title was to introduce a new vampire protagonist - Gein/Asher and planned to introduce a new dynasty in Nosgoth's distant future.

This footage and a wealth of other features was publicized by Divine Shadow/Mama Robotnik, a community member with contacts at Climax Studios.

Cancelled Kain
Cancelled Kain

There was also set to be a multiplayer 'Deathmatch' mode set in the vast kingdoms within Nosgoth. This however has apparently survived the cut -

"This was the only part of the project to survive the cancellation, and has now been heavily expanded upon and released as Nosgoth,"the leaked blog reported.

The area you see within the video above is reported to be known as the 'Wetlands' and is described to hold monstrous dragons and dark eerie dungeons.

Cancelled Kain
Cancelled Kain
"Think if HBO did Zelda," the source read.

Vampires, Dragon, Dungeons and partial nudity. Are you sad that this project got cancelled? I think this would look great on the PS4 but thats just me. Thoughts below?

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Source: NeoGaf


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