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We all remember the Power Rangers of the 90's era but this short film directed by Joseph Kahn and produced by Adi Shankar(Dredd) is a class apart.It is basically Power Rangers on steroids as it includes all the awesome and fantabulously fantastic visual spectacles that we all had hoped for.This bootleg film makes our jaws drop with it's movie like special effects and costumes which are way better than the original series.

It re-imagines the concept of the whole franchise in a way that is truly epic in scale.Casting James Van Der Beek as the traitorous former comrade and Katie Sackhoff as the grown up version of the Pink ranger it is surely to satisfy all the fantasies of all the fans/nerds/geeks around the world.

Let's all hope that this gets transformed into a full length feature film or a TV series so as to do justice to the awesome franchise that has been a part of our childhood.

Source-Kotaku,Adi Shankar's Youtube Channel


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