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What would a show like Supernatural be without an impressive list of villains for Sam and Dean to face? The show is now on its 10th season, and the bad guys just keep getting more ominous. Here is a list of the top 15 villains on the show thus far.

If you have yet to start watching the show or aren't caught up, this article contains spoilers to past episodes.

15. Bela Talbot

Played by the lovely Lauren Cohan ([The Walking Dead](series:201193)), Bela is as sneaky as she is beautiful. Her first appearance was in Season 3 in the episode "Bad Day At Black Rock" where she hires a couple of goons to steal a rabbit's foot for her. From the time of her first appearance to her last in "Time Is On My Side," she was more than a thorn in the side of Sam and Dean. She stole the Colt, led psycho Gordon to them and got them arrested. She was kind of a b!tch.

14. Gordon Walker

Like many other villains on the show, Gordon first appeared to be a friend to the boys, but that quickly changed when he found out that Sam had demonic powers. After that, he began hunting Sam trying to kill him. Justice was served to him however when he became a vampire in Season 3's "Fresh Blood" and was decapitated by Sam.

13. Samuel Campbell

Aren't grandfathers supposed to be sweet? If you're Sam and Dean and your dear grandaddy is a hunter and working for Crowley, not so much. Samuel was kind of a jerk from the beginning, he didn't want Mary to be with John, he was possessed and made his daughter give up her youngest son then kiss him to bring John back. Did I mention that he handed Sam, Dean, Castiel and Meg over to Crowley on a silver platter?

12. Meg Masters

A foul mouthed demon with a soft spot for Castiel, Meg first entered the show in Season 1 in the episode "Scarecrow" (played first by Nicki Aycox) as a serious threat to Sam, Dean and John. Meg's first "meat suit" died after she was exorcised. She would have been closer to the top, but she turned out to be quite a good friend and died trying to help the boys in Season 8 (then played by Rachel Miner) after being stabbed by Crowley in "Goodbye Stranger".

11. Zachariah

His character description says he's an angel, but he may be the worst angel ever. He abused his powers on a regular basis and was one of the most backhanded messengers of the Lord to grace the show. He even gave Dean stomach cancer to get him to say yes to being Michael's vessel, if that's not a dirty, underhanded trick, I don't know what is.

10. Cain

The father of murder, Cain may have started his run on the show as a retired Knight of Hell, but he didn't have any moral qualms about passing the mark to Dean knowing what it could do to him. He returned in last week's episode, and he was back to his old, murderous self again. Dean supposedly killed him, but did he really?

9. Lucifer

There really isn't much that doesn't make him a villain, I mean come on, he's the Devil.

8. Metatron

Hey it's Booger from the Revenge of the Nerds, oh wait, no it's Metatron. When he first came on in Season 8, Metatron seemed to be the nerdy Scribe of God trying to help the boys with the tablets, but later his intentions became much darker. He tricked Castiel out of his grace, threw the angels from Heaven, slammed the doors shut and sicked a bunch of angels on Castiel. He's currently locked up in Heaven, but how long will it be before he tricks someone into letting him out or escapes?

7. Ruby

First played by Katie Cassidy in Season 3, Ruby first appeared to be a friend to Sam and Dean, helping them out of jams with her nifty knife. Ruby returns in Season 4 (this time played by Jared's now wife, Genevieve Cortese), and this time she's a bit darker, she gets Sam addicted to drinking demon blood. Oh, and that little thing where she tricked Sam into killing Lilith and breaking the final seal to raise Lucifer. She meets her demise when Sam holds her as Dean stabs her with her own knife. Demons will be demons, I guess.

6. Alastair

Alastair was one of the most powerful demons to square off with the Winchester brothers. He was also the one that tempted Dean to do the unthinkable during his stint in Hell. Not only was he physically powerful, but he was the master of psychological warfare.

5. Crowley

Crossroads demon turned King of Hell, Crowley is one conflicted character. We have seen evil Crowley, but we have also seen a glimmer of good. Sure, most of the good he has done has been used as a tool to further manipulate others, but he has done good nonetheless. He is ranked so high for a few reasons, he is intelligent, manipulative, he brought Dean over to Team Hell - and above all, he is the ruler of all evil.

4. Rowena

Some would argue that she shouldn't even be ranked, but I have to disagree. This lovely witch is wanted by the Grand Coven and is the mother of the King of Hell. She uses her powers for nothing but evil, she is exploiting her son's position to further her position and she is even manipulating her own son to get what she wants. She's an enemy to the Winchesters and all of humankind. Rowena is the master manipulator.

3. Abaddon

Everything about Abaddon screams villain. She's smart, beautiful and incredibly evil. She too was a Knight of Hell that could only be killed by Cain's first blade. She wanted the throne and to be crowned Queen of Hell, she went to war with everyone from the Winchesters to Crowley leaving a path of death and destruction in her wake. Abaddon was one chick you didn't want to make angry.

2. Demon Dean

Dean began season 10 as a black eyed, evil version of himself. After he was killed by Metatron, Crowley and the mark of Cain brought Dean back, and the mark took full hold. Demon Dean is ranked number 2 not only because of the heinous things he said and did as his demon self, but because of all he represents. He is supposed to be the hero of the series, but now he is everything that he once hated and hunted, he even tried to kill his own brother, much like Cain. The way Jensen Ackles portrayed demon Dean was brilliant.

1. Azazel

Who else would be at number 1? Azazel is the most evil villain the Supernatural series has ever seen. Also known as "the yellow-eyed demon", Azazel possessed Sam and Dean's grandfather, made baby Sam ingest demon blood, killed both of their parents and used Sam as a pawn in his evil little game. He single-handedly destroyed the Winchester brothers' lives, and he was the longest running villain on the series appearing in 27 episodes. He lead an army of demons that were hell-bent on destroying the world. His list of powers are endless, including everything from basic possession, fire manipulation, impervious to holy water, superhuman strength, teleportation, all the way down to dream manipulation. Azazel is the king of the Supernatural villains.

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