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Former real life FBI Special Agent Mark Padilla Viau “view” turned actor/Entrepreneur/CEO was recently selected by the “makers” of Minecraft the video game to be a superhero in the “new” FBI video game under development. (video). Microsoft Corp. recently purchased Minecraft for $2.5 BILLION

Agent Viau was also a Federal Firearms Instructor and will use these career skills to accurately portray an FBI Special Agent that the public will be able to play.

He played an FBI Agent in the movie Wayward the Prodigal Son (20014), and has been in multiple commercials, PSA’s, veteran films and short films. He has also been a Film Law Enforcement/Military consultant on several films. Mark stated “crossing over to film and video games has been an exciting and lucrative way to leverage my FBI and Military real world experiences and training into a new career. I “acted” in real life as an undercover agent when my life was on the line. I especially enjoy the creative process of my many ventures – it’s my muse”.

He earned a Masters in Accounting and B.S. in Finance. He can be reached through his Film/TV/Video/Spokesperson Agent, Megan Wilson, (435) 313-4639, email: [email protected]"

He is also an Officer in the U.S. Air National Guard. In addition, as a “single” parent he is the co-founder/Producer with his kids Deja (age 16) and Canyon (age 13) who have been inventors for over three years of Freshman Inventors (a kids shark tank) (video) with a pending TV deal. Featured in Yahoo Finance:


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