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My name is Mark Viau and I was a real life FBI Special Agent:

I am often asked to endorse a range of products because of my FBI experience. However, I only give my “Bullet Proof” stamp of approval after I have carefully researched them. Whether those products are software, hardware or firmware. It’s a due diligence process using my FBI investigative skills. “I have a passion for helping everyday American find peace of mind with my simple & secure lifestyle tips.”

I am also an Entrepreneur and a single parent who has supported my young teenage kids to invent their own passion products while helping other young inventors get their products to the marketplace. James Bond/007 and Iron Man can’t even say that!

Dating Safety: Tips to ensure your kid has a safe experience (throw up on rapist), invoke scripture…Or for adults, don’t switch to yahoo messenger or such “instantly”

IPhone safety: Photos posted on Facebook have an encryption telling a “predator/the public” the exact physical address the picture of your young kids was taken at (i.e. home).

Enforcement contact: Do you have to talk to the FBI or Police? Or any other person in authority (i.e. minors)

Financial Safety: Change out your credit cards often to “purge” bogus billings

Assess Environment: Yellow light, be aware, in a bank terrorist attack where to find cover

Security for family: GPS tracking? IPhone tracking? Home Security? Family Emergency plan (disaster)

Train to fight: Walking down the street keep “eye contact” with people coming the opposing direction…its shows strength….don’t be a victim

PS: The makers of Mind Craft have selected me as their main Character for their new FBI Video Game and are currently building a virtual character around my likeness (to include my face). The last three years they sold over 55 Million units.

You too will soon be able to play and kick butt as Agent Mark Viau.


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