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We all remember when the beautiful Majora's Mask edition was announced. Everyone flocked towards it, and it sold out in a blink of an eye. As soon as it popped up on a new website, it was gone within minutes. Internet scalpers would list the pre-order on eBay for at least double the price. It was a sad day for those of us who didn't have the money or time to get it as quickly as everyone else.

As if to say that the scalpers weren't a punch in the gut, this most certainly is. YouTuber dOvetastic dedicates his channel to microwaving various things. And yes, the Majora's Mask edition was one of his victims. But have no fear! You can buy it on eBay for one easy payment of $11,315! If you're not already heart broken enough, here's the video of the poor thing's death:

Reading the eBay listing, dOvetastic claims that it was to "create artwork."

“Working GOLD Nintendo 3DS was microwaved to NON-WORKING Order for purposes to CREATE ARTWORK using the microwaving process inside a fully customized microwaving robot shielded enclosure. 1200 Watts of microwaving power was used to microwave the device inside a 2.2 CUFT VINTAGE 1970S era Whirlpool Microwave BEAST.”

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let me know! In the meantime, I'll be curled up in a ball somewhere, crying. Rest In Pieces, 3DS. You will be missed dearly.


Was this for art or to troll?


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