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It seems the makers of one of the best shows on television like to mess with their viewers. In a previous article I speculated that the Red Hood was actually the comedian from episode 1. Clearly I was wrong, as we saw in the episode there were more than one Red Hood (Just like in the Killing Joke). Anyone that looked the part had a laugh that could work as the Jokers. But everyone that wore the mask died. All but one person. The boy at the end of the episode that put on the mask and pretended to shoot at the cops. Could this be our Joker? Or could they be messing with us again? I'm guessing they could very well be. But it makes sense. The kid (who's name we don't know like the Joker) is around the age of Bruce but is obviously younger.

I have a few theories still. Either the boy is the Joker. Or he just put on the mask.

Could we see ANOTHER Red Hood gang in the future?

We could. We saw in this episode how people looked up to the Red Hood in a weird sort of way. One hostage even spoke to the Red Hood like they were buddies. They see him as a Robin Hood going so far as to even say that in the episode. So the possibility that another group of people that looked up to the short lived Red Hood gang could take inspiration. Maybe even recruit some people to BE the Red Hood like the comedian we saw in the pilot or the comedian we saw in this episode that clearly wasn't doing to well impressing the audience.

I could be wrong and Jerome could be the Joker.

We all know by now that the writers of the show LOVE to tease us especially when it comes to the Joker. So the Red Hood could have easily been a clever ruse and we already have our Joker. Maybe Jerome escapes prison and takes on the Red hood.

My thoughts on the episode.

This was easily the strangest episode so far. We got to see Bruce fight more brutally but only for a minute. And why did Mooney spoon out her eye? Clearly to avoid getting both removed and to prove her strength and dominance against Dollmacher and his goons. It makes sense even though it doesn't she could have easily killed everyone in the room or at least 2 of them but what happens once she leaves the room? There's armed guards everywhere. I don't know. And I really like learning about Alfred. I figured out they were using the story line where he had a military background during the episode where he protects Bruce from the assassins. Plus the relationship he shares with Bruce really changed this episode. We learn that Alfred has become a better man for knowing Bruce. One thing I didn't understand about the episode is the red hood. Why just leave it on the ground right after you picked it up? Shouldn't it be evidence? I feel they only left it on the ground so our maybe Joker could pick it up and put it on.

Next weeks trailer review:

If you haven't seen it yet for one reason or another here it is.

More Harvey Dent, a lot of what appears to be rehashed clips from previous episodes. But the thing that gave me the biggest shivers was Edward Nigma's clip. Him walking down a hall, at the very least in an ally or a basement with concrete walls and question marks littering the walls in chalk. I personally can't wait. I can't wait until Nigma starts blackmailing officers. And the Doll Maker. I don't much care for him as a character so I wanna see what they do with him.


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