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I know its probably the biggest movie of the summer and one of the biggest from Marvel yet. The return of our mighty Avengers is upon us and the fans are counting down the days for the premiere. I have been feeling the excitement boiling over since the initial teaser dropped at SDCC last year and i said yeah i can get into that. Then came the first official trailers and our first look at Ultron and it was marvelous! If you don't know yet the Official Age Of Ultron poster was released today and lets just say it wasn't what you might expect as seen above. Today we stand about two months away and we still really haven't seen much of Vision which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I do however think it might be time we saw at least him flying in and out but that's another article.

I want to talk about the poster that everybody's talking about and some people dig it but others completely hate. I am in the middle of the love and hate its gotten. I love seeing the Avengers together but brought together through so much photoshop? I don't know i mean i do know it might be pretty conflicting trying to jam everybody into one photo for these posters. Then again this is a pretty huge movie and one that will probably be Marvel's biggest to date. I would actually think the poster wouldn't be so anti-climatic with all those character just randomly posing and brought together in such an awkward way. I am not bashing the film in any way because i will be watching this film not once or twice but probably ten times if not more! The only thing i have a gripe with is that poster other than that May 1st can not come any sooner. As somebody who loves getting posters to put up in my room i just want something a bit more epic and more Ultron! Lets just hope we get one more trailer or tease before then to aid the two month wait. This time hopefully we will see Vision come out to play because come on its freaking Vision!

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