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Paulie Popcorn's response to David the Movie Review Blogger's review:

It's Good to Be The Kingsman: The Secret Service

Oh boy! Do we have a wild ride on our hands! The director, Matthew Vaughn, brings the funk with his physics-breaking fight scenes that we've seen from his work in Kick Ass. And straps us in his rollercoaster action that we've seen from him in X-Men: Days of Future Past. This rollercoaster of a movie has ups, downs, ins, outs, sideways, upways, and horizontal-ways! Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

KIngsman: The Secret Service is about a super-secret group of spies pretending to work in a tailor shop. But under the slick suits they wear, these guys pack a wallop of James Bond-on-steriods gadgets: trick umbrellas, exploding lighters, and martial art techniques that look like they can only be performed in zero-gravity! Since the Kingsmen are British, and they fancy themselves as modern knights of King Arthur, and each spy has a codename based on a member from the round table. The Kingsmen is headed by Arthur played by Michael Caine! How cool is that!

That brings us to Galahad played by the smooth talking, Colin Firth. In one of the missions, Lancelot dies by jumping on a grenade to protect the team. Oh well, dude. Now we a need a new Lancelot! Turns out, Lancelot has a son. Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Taron Egerton) is a total British badass teenager and is always getting into trouble. Doesn't matter because when he gets arrested, he calls Galahad to bail him out. Years prior, Galahad stopped by Eggsy's house to let the family know that Lancelot got smoked by a grenade. So Galahad gave Eggsy a special number to call in case he needed help.

Yeah, boy! So Eggsy is recruited by Galahad to go through a series of tests to replace his father, Lancelot. But he is competing against a bunch of snobby rich kids that have been sponsored by other members of the Round Table. I really think Taron Egerton is the young Robert DeNiro of the UK! He's got some acting chops, and a face that is perfect for Teen Beat magazine.

While Eggsy is busy outsmarting the rich dorks, a mega-rich tech guy named Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) is plotting the demise of the world! Yes, we got Sammy Jackson talking in the movie with a lisp and is running around with a hot Latina chick that has crazy sharp blades as legs. When someone gets in Valentine's way, she comes slicing and dicing with her feet! This lady has Wolverine claws for feet!

You can tell that Colin Firth just wanted one fun movie to relax in. I guess doing all those stuffy films like The King's Speech and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, he was like "Damn, I just want to wear a cool suit and shoot some guns!" Let's face it, Sammy Jackson is the Kevin Bacon of our generation. He's got mad acting skills, and he can play any character in any movie, with or without an eye patch!

But it was the crazy tricked-out fight scenes that make this movie so great! I didn't want the bone breaking, blood spurting, foul mouthed craziness to end! Just wait until you see the scene in the church! I was like, "Oh my God, did he just put that in that dude's thang! Whaaaaat?!"

So the story may be far-fetched. But I didn't care. I thought this was a way cool popcorn flick. I was entertained. And the dialog was hilarious! Some of the banter between the characters was basically making fun of action flicks! It was total meta. My brain went BOOOOM!

Definitely a THEATER for me!


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