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Is it really over for Christian Grey?

This morning was reported that Jamie Dornan, now mostly know for portraying ultra-billionaire kinky sex-master, Christian Grey in the "[Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697)" movie adaptation was or is walking off.

So far, no word has been made from his publicist or any of the movie representatives about the veracity of this "report". But I have a feeling this will not be the case.

With more than a $100 million dollars in the box office the film can be considered a mainstream success, and even when the movie has been criticized, there is no real reason for the studio to not green-light the second and maybe the third installment in the series.

If this will be a smooth uncomplicated journey, that's another story.

There are 3 stories that can really affect the development of the second installment in this sexy trilogy.


It seems that this rumor has been debunked, but you can still read about the little problems that I think will mark the second installment of "50 Shades".

1) The Author has a lot of creative power and is difficult to work with.

It has been already made headline that director Sam Taylor Thompson and author E.L James had a difficult relationship working on the film. The author it seems, has too much power on the creative decisions, and apparently she wasn't happy with the script adaption. She has demanded to write the adaptation for the second installment. But is this really a good idea?

Honestly, part of what I enjoyed about the movie was the lack of "inner goddess" references, the more vivid dialogs spoken by Dakota Johnson and the almost non-existent "Holy Cows!" (because honestly, what kind of English major constantly repeats "Holy Cow!" in her head, these folks have other fancy words that they use in their vocabulary). As far as I'm concerned, is best if the author does not contribute to the script.

2) "Lack of chemistry" between Dakota and Jamie.

Is that truth? There was this rumor going on about the lack of chemistry between the actors, and many are reporting seeing how cold they are in the interviews and press stands. But, honestly can you blame them?

They are trying to be professional about the whole thing, and Jamie, is really hard trying to respect his marriage. Which I praise him for.

Let's face it. IF, if they were "friendly" on the red carpet, then the press will be all buzzed up with a rumor about they secretly having an affair. So... the lack of chemistry story works for me. However, I have to say, the scenes in the movie, don't look like they have any lack of chemistry at all. I mean those are highly choreographed, sexy scenes.

3) Discomfort for the stars relatives

Last weekend at the Academy Awards, Dakota was on the red carpet with mom Melanie Griffith, who said that she hasn't seen the movie, will not see the movie, and has no interest in knowing anything about the movie.

On the other hand, Jamie's wife, Amelia Warner, has said she feels "uncomfortable" with the movie. But honestly, even when the scenes are hot, steamy and a little racy, there are many other movies that have similar moments and they simply have to wait a little while and the sentiment will go away.

Whatever the future of the franchise, it seems that all bets are now in the air. But honestly, I hardly think he will be rejecting at least making a second part. And for those who have read the trilogy, you can tell that with a good script, the second film can be even better because there's more to the story than just... kinky steamy sex.

What do you think, is Dornan really out of 50 Shades of Grey?


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