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Well first off is the thing we won't get, Batman. I don't care how they do it but to see a young Bruce who is at this point in the show twelve but can easily be 18-20 depending on how long this show goes on for. I wanna see Bruce train more. See him become smarter and stronger which is clearly what they are giving us. If by the end of the series we see Bruce turn into Batman or at least go out fighting crime I would be so satisfied. They could do something along the lines of what Arrow is doing with Oliver's five years away. To see a young Bruce (16 maybe) leave Gotham for a few years would be weird but cool. I personally like the fact that he is training at home. It could make it way less suspicious if they decide to make him don a cowl or mask by the end of the series.

More fleshed out and notorious criminals.

Not to say that what they are doing with Penguin is bad, I love it. But I would like to see him look more like the comic Penguin by the end of the series. He will defiantly learn how to do things cleaner now that he has Butch on his side. Which is another thing I would like to see. A lot of shows and comics and movies with a hero or villain have a sidekick that doesn't want to be a sidekick. I hope that by Butch telling Penguin he doesn't wanna be a sidekick anymore that Oswald not only allows him to make decisions (seeing as how he ended what could have been a blood bath while stealing the booze.) but treat Butch as an equal. The Riddler will be an awesome villain, I mean Cory Michael Smith is doing an excellent job at making him an outcast at his job and making us sympathize with him. But the trailer for episode 18 showed us the Riddler I have been waiting for, or at the very least the question marks on the wall. I wanna see Victor Freise. I wanna see his origin story or at least before he loses his wife. I don't care if we get a painted face Joker I just want them to give us the Joker and make it legit. Have Jerome escape prison and take on the Red Hood. I just need to know that we can get a Joker that we know will become the Joker instead of all these teases and no outcome.

Stupid stuff I want to happen.

Alfred and Gordon need to grow a mustache. I can live without Alfred, but I see Gordon and I can't help but hope that by the end of the series he not only has the mustache but the role of Commissioner. I also wanna see Dick Grayson. I wanna see him as a baby but a young child could also work.

I have posted three posts today and in case you hate my articles or don't like seeing my name in your feed this will be my last post for today.


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