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Race Banon

Ever since I was a kid growing up in the projects in Brooklyn NY, I tried to get into as much hobbies as I could. My friends and I had a few parks to play Handball, Basketball, Tag and anything else that kept us out of trouble. I was one who was very conscience of comic books I liked Batman and Superman as well as The Joker being I'm related to Cesar Romero The Joker from the 1966 series but in some weird way I never took the chance to get into it. One day I saw what was Spawn #1 by Todd Mcfarlane. While my mom thought the art was a bit grotesque she obliged and I can tell you I was hooked almost automatically. The blood, sweat and tears put into the wonders of such vast and awesome universes and characters created by these uniquely gifted illustrators, are an amazing view of what we in some ways are or what we dream to be and simply finding inspiration to be the best you can be for yourself, others and in life. From "The Death of Superman" to "Death Of The Family" from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Series to Marvel's "The Infinity Gauntlet" series from the X-Men titles to The Spiderman and Batman and all comic book franchises I just wanna say that it has been and still the greatest thrill ride in my life and I don't know why I haven't supported it sooner!! {damn you basketball!!}… It has been truly an honor for me to support and be apart of this crazy world!!!! Between Fox's Gotham and CW's Flash and all the cinematic universes brought to the big screen past, present and future I cannot wait for more of your adaptations of the greatest heroes and villains who keep children reading on and childhood living long!!!

In closing, as long as the comic book world can provide a positive imagination for the children and keep the elder fans smiling as if they were 17 again, I couldn't see a better way of spending my free time.

Race B


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