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Comedy lover and former Vampire Diaries double.
Britt Storms

Horrible Bosses is one of my favorite buddy comedies to come out over the past few years which immediately made me nervous about the sequel. In general, I'm wary of sequels to movies I love as they try too hard to reuse jokes and stories instead of being authentic, but Horrible Bosses 2 was a pleasant surprise. Most of all, Chris Pine is much funnier and sincerer an actor than I had expected for this genre.

One of the most well known scenes from the film actually holds a Star Trek reference if you look closely.

Can you spot it?

The cuts are quick but on the table are the schematics to the trio's new product The Shower Buddy or, as Trekkies would call it, The USS Enterprise.

For the record, I'm not a Trekkie but I loved this, and Chris Pine. Check out Horrible Bosses 2 on DVD and Blu-ray today! More laughs and outtakes from the film in the special features - which you won't want to miss if you love James T. Kirk.


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