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There are thousands of variations of the Joker and of his origins this one I came up with myself and with help from my friends.

Here goes:

My name is Melvin white and this story is sad tail.I can't imagine telling this story as it was my life leading up to this semi chaotic life change.I was a normal man til certain circumstances lead to this.I was a family man of all things working as a right hand man to Falcon.I had a wife of sorts and there aren't a lot of things special about her.She had met me in high school.I didn't know a life like mine could exist with her.Always broke trying to make ends meet in the city of Gotham is like trying to fight it when you are drowning.The more you fight the more you keep going down.I had a daughter her name was Harley. She was a light in an otherwise dark place.People tend to see the chaos in life and not value of the little things. She had been an amazing gifted kid.She was ten when I last saw her and she didn't know what her daddy had been after it.I was a man of little value before this and having been through all kinds of hell.Had no money,car,or any idea of self worth.Killing time to take care of a special girl like Harley to give her all the things that I had never gotten as a kid.Well I am getting ahead of myself.My functioning life had ended on April 8,2004.For reasons you will find quite hilarious depending on how well your sense of humor holds up.My boss had called me up to fetch some money from one of his bookies.This guy was named Oswald copplepot. Such a creepy looking dude.He had the facial features of a bird.The demeanor of man who thought he was the smartest guy in town.When being told by your boss to go fetch something you kinda have no other choice but to go fetch.By fetch it meant break some bones to prove a point.Your late on your car payment.They accumulate interest and you pay more in the long run.He was way past due on his payment.So me being me I decided to take a hammer with me to procure the funds. No need for guns there too quick and I wasn't about to kill Mr. Copplepot. So walking into this dive bar was fun enough.He had no idea that the boss sent me down to see him.So I had to talk for a few. Being that I wasn't much to look at.I was like a string bean. Not to say I was not capable in a fight.But anyway I walked up to the Copplepot and said,"Falcone says your late on your payment." He was nervous on all accord.He say's," money has been tight tell Mr.Falcone that I am deeply sorry." Now Mr.Copplepot you have it kinda nice here don't make me break your legs.Will that be assurance for you to fork over the money.He say's"I don't have any money."I say"well my friend you have your leg its worth something and seeing as how you wouldn't want to offend Mr. Falcone I have an offer for you either give me the money or I'll be forced to take affirmative action against you dear friend.He then stated that he didn't have it.Before he said,"I don't have it." I brought the hammer down on his leg naturally breaking it.Now if you have a debt to pay. I suggest you don't mess with the man who holds that debt.He then started to beg.Please oh please.BOOHOO!!! I asked,"Have I made my point?"I hate talking this much when dealing with people.To much talking at that point of my life makes me feel well exasperated. He turned over looked at me and said,"There is some money in the back about Five thousand."I look down at him and say,"Was that so hard?"Have a nice day.I get the money and head out the door to hear that whining piece of crap whimpering.I pop a cigarette into my mouth and light it up.Oh goody I thought nothing better than a menthol cigarette.I head down to the boss's house its a nice place.I would have to break about a million and half legs just to get the garden house. The boss is sitting his main foyer.Hi Mr.Falcone I exclaimed.He say's "nothing." Sitting there staring at the fire place.For a minute or two he Finally talks.Did you get what I asked for? "Yes" I said.I then say,"That the bird was holding out on you." and he ask What did you do to him?I say,"made to where he couldn't fly for awhile."The boss hands over a thousand dollars and says nice work but being complimented on hurting people is nothing to me.He then say's to me I'll call you tomorrow.Have a pleasant evening boss I said. I have very little time before I head to pick up Harley from school so I must go.When working with criminals never talk about family.It's the one thing that people who don't know what to talk about.Well being that the bird was not going to be moving around soon. I had to leave and Life was less complicated.Most people think that hurting people is a matter of how nuts you are.I had to meet Victor zazz's at his place.I was north of Gotham and crossing the bridge to see this guy I had to answer to victor when I was not answering to Falcone.Victor had a simple appearance. He lived in a penthouse suit. I traveled there by cab.I hated this piece of garbage.He was a man who gave you one chance.I don't know to this day what made this sick psycho breathe in and out.He was obsessed with numbers and people meant to see his blade were in for a treat. He would torture them and cut a little cut into where ever he wanted on his body.He was twisted.He had brown hair.Eyes as black as the darkest point in the ocean.He was not a man who fear entered in on a regular basis.He would ask a simple a question and if you got it wrong once.He would add you to his numbers.I had gotten the answer wrong only once.It was one that changed me. Being in that world isn't so small in the chaos that Being a hitman for Falcone isn't like it appears in the movies.People say being a psychopath isn't a choice it is anything but a choice its a decision its like choosing a soda over water.Its easy ZAZZ was a man who focused like a lion when he tortured people mostly women he hated them but loved them.He wasn't a man he was mythodical


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