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So over opening weekend for these movies my girlfriend (yes i have one sorry ladies) asked me to choose which movie to see. We had both read all the 50 shades books and they are great books they have a great plot and even without the sex would make good action movie. Altough i didnt like the casting decisions made i didnt like Dakota as Anastasia she doesnt look believable as her. Jamie I believe doesnt fit the look of of christian grey from the novels and i know books and movies cant be exact translations but i dont believe he had the sex appeal that was needed for the role, compared to other actors that where up for the role. Although the movie has been a box office hit bringing in over 400 million on a 40 million budget.

Kingsman was a movie that as soon as i saw the trailer i was hooked. The casting was perfect anything Michael cain or Sam jackson is in must be good. The movie showed the Sam jackson from snakes on a plane the badas. The spy movie that makes fun of cliche spy movies makes so much sense it was fun but full of action that kept you excited with the way they handled the vilan and the hero. The movie itself wasnt a front runner for breakout hit but it did prove itself againts 50 shades. It had great ratings and the new kid Taron Egerton made a good impression he is now even being considered for the role of the new marvel/sony spiderman.

For me i dont think that just because 50 shades made more money or had more popularity made it a better movie. I believe that the best movie is the one that had a better story and the one that showed of its actors kingsman showed of its veteran actors aswell as bring up the new blood actors. 50 shades had cast of mostly fresh actors who arent popular or mainstream right now and i think it hurt them in portraying the storyline.

Let me know what movie you saw and which you think is better. Also what other movies you think are better.


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