ByBrandon Mainor, writer at

  • Daredevil is goin to be Marvels darkest and grittiest show that they have ever done! And down the road we'll see him in The Defenders! So I got thinkin. What other dark and gritty team up show could marvel do? Hmmm, oh I know! How about The Circle of Four?! Marvel could totally pull this one off! I'm sure we've all been dyin to see Red Hulk! Marvel has Ghost Rider back so they could use him! Well, in this case it's a her but who cares?! Marvel and Sony FINNALY decided to work together to bring Spiderman and his friends we could totally see Agent Venom!! Now, when it comes to X-23, since Fox owns her rights, they could replace her with like Elextra. I can see SO much potential in somethin like this! What about u guys?!


Would u guys like to see MARVEL adaptThe Circle of Four to the big or small screen?


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