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So Avatar: The Last Airbender came into our lives 10 years ago and being one of the greatest cartoon shows during the 2000 there was a little bump in the road that most people know as The Last Airbender directed by M. Night. Now Me personally i liked the movie, I wouldn't watch every weekend or once a year but when I watch the series i will watch the movie before or after i finish season 1. Anyway this great TV show needs to be done justice. I want a series of movies based off the show where i can be satisfied and say this universe has had justice. Like the Harry Potter series. So here are my Thoughts on the matter and please tell me your thoughts.

So first off a better director, M. Night tried and well we all saw what happened. Peter Jackson sure that would be a good choice a movie on war not just any war a fantasy world war. Imagine what Jackson could do with this universe that would be amazing. He did an outstanding job on the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Imagine what this world would look like pure amazement. Christopher Nolan would be my second choice because if his unique storytelling. Now my problem would be how he would affect the world we saw his Batman Movies (which are outstanding by the way) but his version of Batman was not like the comics so i'm told. As i would love to see Nolan direct it I think our best bet would be Jackson.

Next would be a better cast that fit the personality of the characters. Now M. Night tried but he failed. He didn't want Aang to be a happy go lucky kid who was happy who just found out his entire nation was wiped out. But seriously after he found out yes he was angry but he came to terms and he kept on being Aang. Noah Ringer was a good martial artist. but his portrayal of Aang was not the best. Also Sokka was not his humorous self he. now they got the point that he was a leader and a worrier but what made him unique was that he was funny not many people are like that.

Third better advertisement. All the trailers were amazing but with the lack of dialogue no one knew what to expect. All we saw was the action which if we'er being honest descent. but because they saved the dialogue for the movie and that was not good. Also M Night filmed and advertised the Kyoshi Worriers but they were cut in the last minute for some odd reason.

Finally a longer longer movie. I know that this was a tv show and not a book but if they treated this like a book it could go a long way. make it a 2 and a half hour movie and give the fans more than what M. Night did and give new people who haven't seen the show a closely related story as possible. Like i personally missed Jet in the movie that is one of my top five favorites in season 1. As i said earlier the Kyoshi worriers should have been there because that was a crucial moment and who can forget Bummi. A longer movie would have fixed that problem and if Jackson was directer he probably make the movie almost three hours so we would more then lucky get the whole season in one movie. If they had to I thing they could split book three into two movies

So those are just a couple of things that could make a better reboot let me know what y'all think


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