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The release of the highly talked about poster that was very mixed reviewed has prompted [Marvel](channel:932254) to release some new promo art for Avengers 2. As seen above we can see Ultron and Vision being highlighted which is always nice to see more Vision! I think he looks pretty amazing and I still want to see him in an Avengers 2 trailer.

The Avengers in the snow is such fun isn't it? Seriously though this is probably from the confrontation with Hydra we have seen a lot in the trailers so nothing new. I'm not complaining though love seeing more of our favorite superhero team up! Then finally the picture that had the biggest impact for me!

What is going on with Iron Man in Avengers 2?
What is going on with Iron Man in Avengers 2?

We see Iron Man's helmet but somethings not quite right here. We can all see that Iron Man wont exactly be himself as his other half is cracking and a bright red erupts. This is clearly signifying that Ultron will be hijacking all of Tony's technology if not himself in Avengers 2. If this doesn't make up for the poster we got earlier than i don't know what will. I'm so excited for this movie and whats to come! I hope we get a few more things before the movie releases!

What Do You Think Of The New Promo Art Specifically The Iron Man And Ultron Helmet?


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