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We've all watched every episode of The Vampire Diaries, and along the away we experienced almost every emotions. We cried, laughed, screamed, and everything in-between. Speaking of emotions, here are some scenes that made me cry - that made us cry:

1. When Stefan and Elena broke up, for real

When Stefan and Elena broke up because of Katherine, it was so painful. Heck, my eyes even hurt. I know some of you are Delena shippers (I am too), but admit it, we've all shipped Stelena before.

2. When Caroline's dad died

Caroline's dad didn't want to be a vampire so he chose to die instead. I cry every time I watch this scene. Poor Caroline...

3. Aunt Jenna's Funeral

Aunt Jenna has always been one of my favorite TVD characters, so when she died, I just couldn't take it. I miss Aunt Jenna. Do you?

4. When Elena died

I love this scene so much. Not because Elena became a vampire, or anything. I love this scene because Stefan was the one who saved her and Matt. Elena sacrificing herself, Stefan respecting her choice. Everything about it was perfectly on point.

5. When Ric died

Ric is so precious to me. And seeing him die, was just too painful. The scene became more painful when they all said their goodbyes. Absolutely horrendous.

6. Damon went to Alaric's grave

Damon and Ric's friendship is extraordinary. I love them both. And when Ric died, I know that a part of Damon just died, too.

7. When Stefan saw Lexi

Lexi and Stefan! I really, really love them. Their friendship is unlike any other. It's too bad she didn't get to stay long.

8. Elena switched her humanity

When Jeremy died, Elena couldn't handle the pain. Even I couldn't handle the pain. An Oscar should go to Nina, because her performance here was really fantastic!

9. When Rose died

Rose always inspired me. Especially since she kept her humanity, even though, she lost all her family. She is one of the strongest women on television. Seeing her die was truly stinging. I know that I've said the word 'die' and 'painful' too many times, but that pretty much sums everything up, doesn't it?

10. Bon-Bon's funeral

Bon-Bon sacrificed herself so that her friends could live happily. Can you see how heartbreaking this is?

11. Katherine tried to commit suicide

Who would've thought that Katherine, the survivor at any cost, would try to kill herself? Good thing Stefan was there to save her!

12. 5x22

Episode 22 of Season 5 is probably the most painful episode in all of the show's heartbreaking history. A lot came back, a lot died... When I finished watching 5x22, my eyes were so red and I was crying so ugly that I couldn't breathe. I mean, seriously, this is the episode where my heart completely broke into pieces.

13. Damon came back

Can we all take a moment of silence and see how miserable Stefan is without Damon? Defan feels! And Bonnie! She sacrificed herself...again...

14. Then stay...

When Caroline begged Stefan to stay. Ahhh! Steroline feels!

15. Stefan told Caroline about her mom

I've got nothing to say. I feel endlessly sorry for Caroline.

16. Bon-Bon tried to kill herself

When Bonnie finally gave up, it was like daggers to the heart. Thanks to Jer, though. He saved her from herself!

17. Sheriff Forbes

When Caroline's mother, Liz Forbes, world started to fall apart. Caroline's only family member left - her mother at that! I can't imagine! I really, really feel sorry for Caroline through and through. She's very lovely and true, she definitely doesn't deserve this.

18. Damon's Eulogy

Thank you so much, Damon Salvatore, for this awesome eulogy. For making me both smile and cry at the same time.

Now that you've watched and read it all...

Do you feel okay?

I don't.

I only have one word to describe it all...



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