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Major spoilers for the Parks & Rec finale, be warned.

It was a sad, though beautiful, thing, seeing Parks & Rec end. The show stood strong during it's seven seasons, and even though it had to end, we got to see a little into the future during the finale's flash-forwards.

From Donna's extreme success, to Andy and April's children, and 100 year old Major Garry Girgich (loved the touch), we saw a lot of great things happen in the finale.

As shown in the after-credits, the reunion in Pawnee was the last scene to be shot. Probably enhanced by the return of Ann, and whatshisforeveryoungfacename, Leslie had a very emotional reaction. But it was Amy that did so. I always love seeing actors react very honestly in a show or film, especially seeing them be so emotional during the last epside. You could see that Amy felt very emotional and to no surprise, because just like us fans, everyone there loves the place, the people, and they are going to miss it intensely.

However, I really wanted to point out a loose end in the show. The appearance of Ben & Leslie during Garry's 21-stamp-salute funeral. As I'm sure you noticed, they were looking very regal, especially with those three Men In Black behind them.

Could this be the Presidential couple?

Mr. and Mrs. President of the United States?
Mr. and Mrs. President of the United States?

I think the obvious answer is: yes. I'm sure the creators wanted to put this in here for the fans to freak out over, and just leave it at that. I kind of hoped we would see a Presidential inauguration ceremony after Leslie said 'I'm ready.' But I guess that would be too easy.

I personally think Leslie ended up actually becoming Madame President, but I got a little put off by Ben rocking the American Flag pin. However, that could just be for support of his wife, or whatever, truthfully: I don't care!

This was one amazing show, I'm going to go to sleep thinking Leslie will win the 2044 Presidential Election, and I'm going to dream about all the amazing moments this show has brought us.

Did you like the [Parks and Recreation](series:214218) finale? How much are you going to miss the show? Was there also something in your eye on several occasions during the finale? Let me know!


Was that Leslie as President?


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