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So, there's already a post on this site from Allanah Faherty ( with ideas as to who should play the main characters in a live action version of the film, but I have my own ideas. Olaf, is pretty easy, probably because he's be CGI so all we'd need is the voice and if it was anyone other than Josh Gad it just wouldn't work. So there's one sorted. Also, Josh Gad is playing the part of LeFou in the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. So he's an all round Disney guy. For the others however, we have to think a little harder, here are my ideas for who should play who and why.

Elsa - Scarlett Johansson

There are many reasons why I love the idea of Ms Johansson playing Elsa. First of all, she's got that classic beauty and she looks good as a blonde so her looks are there. Also she can play both badass and vulnerability. We've seen both in her amazing incarnation of Black Widow. She really is an all round talent and I can really picture her as Elsa. Can she sing? Well I actually don't know but there are actors and actresses who can't sing and have been in musical films and have either given it a bash, or had someone sing for them so if she can't, there are ways around that.

Anna - Amanda Seyfried

Now this was a hard one for me because I think quite a few actresses could be in the running but I chose Ms Seyfried because I think she can do the young innocent look quite well as well as be a strong character Anna becomes towards the end of the film. She has the doe eyes that I think would work well for Anna's character. On top of this she can sing, as she did in Mamma Mia, I would love to hear her belt out 'For The First Time In Forever' and 'Love Is An Open Door'

Hans- Ioan Gruffudd

Look at that handsome devil! And by the well it's pronounced Oy-wen (like Owen Griff-ith (it's Welsh). I am a huge fan of lovely Ioan and I've seen him be so damn charming you fall completely and something of an evil guy, so yeah he could be Hans. Also he's hot and Hans is hot. It's one of the reason Anna falls for him. I could really see him in the role of Hans and whether he cannot he can sing? He comes across as someone who could but when a guy looks that good, who cares?

Kristoff - Alex Pettyfer

Hasn't the boy grown up? I think it's the blond hair that sells me on this. If I'm perfectly honest I've only seen him in two films (Stormbreaker and Beastly) but as I love them both and he impressed me in both, I think he's a definate contender for the role. He's still got that boyish charm and can be moody so yeah, he could be my Kristoff. Again I don't know about his singing abilities but as with Ms Johansson and possibly Ioan Grufford, we can work around that.

So there you have it, a short post about who I'd like to see in a live-action Frozen. Who would you like to see bring our favourite characters to life? Let me know in the comments


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