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Now, with CBS's upcoming Supergirl TV series fast approaching - expect it to arrive during the 2015-15 season - casting news seems to be getting more and more frequent by the day. Now, we may already have our Supergirl - Melissa Benoist - but it's looking increasingly likely that we're going to see another costumed member of the Superman-family turn up in the show: Superman himself.

Yup, that's right, it looks as though Superman could actually be set to appear in the series - suggesting that the show could be the first DC television venture in a long time to actually allow one of 'the big three' to be properly depicted on the small screen.

The best part? We might not have too long to wait to see him, since...

It Looks Like Superman Could Appear in the Pilot

The reason? This casting call from Project Casting, recently spotted by KryptonSite:

"We are looking for BODY DOUBLE for a DC Comic Superhero – You must be available for an interview this Thursday and if selected will work several day during March. This is for a CBS pilot. You can be SAG or Non-Union. You should be 5’11 or taller and be Square Jawed and have a ripped physique. You must send a bodyshot, shirtless, sizes, current contact info and your first five to [email deleted] – in the subject line write SUPERMAN"

Which, a) certainly sounds a whole lot like Superman, and b) directly refers to him by name.

Now, it's entirely possible that the part is not, in fact, the Man of Steel - and that the subject line is designed to throw us all off the scent - but if we really are going to see DC's most iconic hero on the show, then a pretty huge question arises:

Who's Going to Play Superman?

Well, that's very much the million dollar question - and one we likely won't know the answer to for a while, yet. Here, though, are four possible options...

Could We See Henry Cavill Cameo?

The actor is, after all, just finding his feet as Superman on screen - so the addition of a new, all-different Man of Steel on TV could distract from his big-screen portrayal of the hero - making a cameo an interesting (and very Marvel-aping) way to go.

The only problem? DC and Warner Bros. have made it incredibly clear that their movie and TV universe's are completely separate - and have already cast alternate actors to play The Flash on the big and small screens. Having Henry Cavill appear - awesome as that'd be - would seriously confuse that.

Alternatively, then...

Could We See Tom Welling Return?

Welling was, after all, our TV Superman for ten whole seasons in Smallville, and remains a fan-favorite to this day. Add in the fact that he's been keeping things relatively quiet on the ol' acting front since the series' end, and Welling seems a pretty obvious choice.

The big problem? Smallville already had its own Supergirl...

Specifically, Laura Vandervoort, who played Kara in the series.

Now, there's nothing stopping Supergirl from featuring Welling anyway - all of these on screen Supermen essentially end up being alternate reality versions of the same character, after all - but it's not too hard to imagine that CBS would want to avoid confusing their shiny new show with one that's already come to a close.

Instead, then...

Could We See a Brand New Actor Take the Role?

Or, rather, could we see an already established actor - one with, say, a whole lot of popularity in the teenage demographic the show is set to target - take on the role as a guest star?

If so, then there'd be far more out there choices than The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder...

Sure, he wouldn't be most comic-book fans' choice - but for the show to succeed it'll need to successfully expand its core audience beyond the ardent comic-book fan demographic, and The Vampire Diaries' devoted fans, if they could be won over, would likely be considered a huge boost by executives.

There is, though, another option...

Could We NOT See Much of Superman At All?

Now, I don't mean that we won't see the Man of Steel in Supergirl - though that is still a distinct possibility - but rather that what we'll see of him will be...brief. Brief, and very much blurry.

It's entirely possible that rather than seeing Superman in full, or watching a conversation with him, we'll instead see whoever lands that body double job - or, rather, part of them. The show may well decide that less is very much more, and give us only glimpses of the hero - on TV, say, or flying through the air like a bird or a plane.

It'd certainly add a whole lot of dramatic tension - especially if we do, finally, get to see him properly in - for instance - the season finale...

What do you think, though? Who should we see as Superman in Supergirl - or should we not see him at all?

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