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The eagle-eyed amongst us may already know that earlier this week, producer and super-fan, Adi Shankar, revealed his dark and violent Power Rangers short film.

With its huge explosions, dazzling CGI effects and moody-but-sexy demeanor, it's a whole new kind of awesome, honestly.

The short epic, which even stars actors James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff, was posted to Youtube and Vimeo and quickly racked up 1.3 million views within the first hour alone.

But, as always, there's always somebody somewhere who wants to spoil all the fun. This time it's Haim Saban, who owns all the copyright for the Power Rangers franchise.

It's the perfect conditions for a legal shitstorm.

Does Saban have the right to be angry?

Well yes, in a way, he kind of does. His company SCG Power Rangers LLC owns all of the rights to the legendary franchise, which is collaborating with major studios Lionsgate for a feature-length Power Rangers movie set for release next year.

It's only fair, therefore, that they're allowed to be given a fair crack at it without other people trying to steal their thunder. Imagine if this short film was garbage - it would be erroneously linked to the official movie and possibly tarnish its reputation before it's even been made.

Will the film be banned?

Actress Katee Sackhoff starring in Power/Rangers.
Actress Katee Sackhoff starring in Power/Rangers.

Probably, because the small guy never wins. It does seem a little unfair, though, because Shankar has stated that nobody involved with the project made any money and, as we know, it wasn't released for commercial purposes.

In a series of tweets, Shankar said,

“Saban is trying to shut Power/Rangers down, if you’d like to keep watching, tell them to stop harassing me.”

He continued,

“Every image in Power/Rangers is original footage. Nothing was pre-existing. There is no copyrighted footage in the short. I am not making any money on it and I refuse to accept any from anyone. It was not even Kickstarted, I paid for it myself. This was made to be given away for free. It is just as if I drew a pic of Power Rangers on a napkin and I gave it to my friend. Is it illegal to give pic I drew of a character on a napkin to someone for free? No.”

Hopefully the two parties can come to an amicable agreement. Both sides have a point, but what does Saban actually gain from shutting it down? If anything it's just drummed up a shit-load more interest in the actual movie, which is surely a good thing for him?

What we do know is that Shankar isn't going to go down without a fight. According to TMZ, he'll keep the video online until he receives a formal cease and desist letter.

In my opinion it's THE best interpretation of the franchise I have seen to date, but if I were you, I'd start watching the hell out it because I don't think it's going to be around for very long.

Watch the full short film Power/Rangers down below.

Pretty awesome right?

What do you think?


Should the producer, Adi Shankar, be forced to remove the video?


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