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Ever considered dressing up as Wednesday from the Addams Family for Halloween? Well, I certainly have and there are a few essentials to consider before you fully transform yourself into the solemn-looking youngster: Make your face deathly pale, find a prim dress with a black collar, braid your dark hair into tight braids and finally, forget how to smile.

Indeed, we all love the macabre little girl who has a penchant for killing, raising creepy spiders and playing with her headless dolls. To this day, Christina Ricci's iconic role as the morbid child with the warped sense of humor remains with us forever.

Yet, one of the problems of getting older is that the characters we love so much do not age with us, making it increasingly difficult to relate to them. Luckily, since 2013, comedian and actress Melissa Hunter has been saving the day, picking up Ricci's quintessential '90s role and transforming herself into the gothic heroine. And not just for Halloween.

Creating an online series titled Adult Wednesday Addams, Hunter follows the young girl's shenanigans in the concrete jungle of LA as she vengefully deals with adult life issues of dating, one-night stands, driving lessons and jobs.

Last week, I showed you guys the most recent episode of the series, focusing on how Wednesday deals with pesky cat-callers!

Yet, for a real introduction to Adult Wednesday Addams, I suggest checking out the first ever video which focuses on the sadistic lady moving out of the Addams Manor once and for all, and finding a new apartment to lay down her coffin.

Let's jump right in and take a look at a short breakdown of the prospective tenant in an interview with her potential flatmates . Would you rent a room out to her?

Having decided that it's time to move out of her parents' house, Wednesday goes to an apartment viewing

The two girls are slightly taken aback by her dark frown and solemn appearance but are willing to hear what she has to say.

"As long as you're living under my mausoleum, you'll die by my rules"

When asked why she is looking for a new place to live, Wednesday admits that sometimes, her parents are a bit too strict. After all, she can't sleep in her "childhood coffin forever."

The two girls are a bit confused about what she might mean

Yet, they decide to tell her the benefits of living in the apartment anyway. $800 dollars a month, an en suite bathroom and parking. Sounds perfect!

"Does this building allow pets?

A menacing growl erupts from her leather bag as Wednesday asks the essential question... Unfortunately, "pets are sadly not allowed."

The girl in the purple is growing more suspicious of Wednesday by the second

Especially after she tells them her grandma, who is "18 years in the grave," has given her money. But who cares if she still has a relationship with a dead person as long as she's financially stable, right?

Apparently, she received the money via a séance

Because that's totally normal.

Creepy sounds of lightening and thunder rumble through the room

Oh, don't worry! That's just grandma taking a shine to the apartment.

Wednesday is definitely interested in becoming the new tenant

If that sentiment hadn't come across already.

One of the girls asks the final, vital question: "Are you going to murder us?"

Her flatmate tells her not to be rude and accuses her of being paranoid all the time. She should really stop smoking all that weed.

Wednesday reassures them that they having nothing to worry about

Wednesday has standards and she does not shit where she eats!

Do you think Wednesday gets offered the apartment?

Would the goth heroine win YOU over? Well, I'm not going to give the ending away so find out for yourselves in the full clip below:

Hunter's videos are such an eye-opening commentary on a young woman navigating the real world and facing everyday issues that we all have to deal with. If Adult Wednesday Addams continues in this vein, I really think the series would have a lot of potential! Who knows, her escapades could even be made into a movie?


What do you think of the 'Adult Wednesday Addams' series?


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