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You may have seen Rugrats: All Grown Up, or there is also the distinct possibility that you did not. Well, in case you wanted to know, I saw it and I loved it. I think our favorite cartoon characters being grown is an awesome (and at the time, novel) idea. Also, back to the Rugrats for a second... can someone tell me why they look like modern day hipsters in this photo from the film?

Chuckie's specs are pretty fresh, I can't lie. But yeah, there is a fan of nostalgia and those old cartoons out there who wanted to make sure that you didn't just have to imagine your favorite cartoon characters grown up - he wanted to create some images that you can actually look at. And they are more grown than the Rugrats above... all the depictions are of the characters as 20-somethings, which I can totally relate to.

Check these out... they were done by Isaiah Stephens and they're completely and totally awesome. In most cases, they are the absolutely coolest and most hip versions of the cartoons you know and love:

The Wild Thornberrys

Eliza grew up to be really good looking... well, I mean they all did. Donnie hasn't lost his craziness at all, and it looks like he acquired some chest hair, too.

Dexter's Laboratory

I don't know about you, but I would watch this show if it came back on television. It looks much more sinister, and I like it.


This was, hands down, my favorite Saturday morning cartoon.

Hey Arnold!

Arnold appears to have lost his football head here... I guess it grew to be a little more vertical and less horizontal.

South Park

This could be my favorite. I love the middle finger from Cartman... and Kenny... so good. The boys have grown up into some truly swagged out gents.

The Powerpuff Girls

It's not all that surprising and pretty easy to predict that the Powerpuff Girls look great here, as mid-20s chicks.

Rocket Power

OK, they somehow managed to make Otto Rocket look a lot less insane. I like how everybody is tatted up now... probably pretty accurate.


And Isaiah also came with his own version of the Rugrats all grown and sophisticated. I guess this is the Rugrats a little bit older than the ones further up... they've all got style. And is Tommy an entrepreneur? Pickles Inc? Not bad, Tommy... not bad at all.


What's your favorite re-imagined show?

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